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Sunday, March 12, 2017

February was mild

Comparatively, February was uneventful. Just getting use to our new schedule and routine mainly. Biggest highlight was, we had Ayden's bio brothers over for dinner!!!
Aren't these boys so fun!?! Love all 3, and the fact that they have a relationship!

Here's a couple of other random pictures:

We went bowling for Family Home Evening
And more often at not now, you will find at least one or more child(ren) attached to me in one way or another
Thanks again for the wrap, Meg!

Anyway, looking through pics, and thinking back... our Feb. wasn't exciting like that. Like I said, just lots of figuring out our new schedule and routine :o)

Jan. was a blur

Jan. everything happened so fast... I think I'm just going to update person by person

Jared's been busy at work. He's still lovin' Domo. Biggest change for Jared is... he was released as scout master for our ward. He was called as Young Men's President. This means for our ward, he is over all the boys 12-18 yrs old! I think he said like 20-30 of them. The calling was extended in Jan., but did not become public/start until Feb.

With Jared's calling change, that means more on me at home. Which I won't lie... has been so incredibly difficult! ... Which you might understand more in a bit... Anyway, it has, it's been hard having Jared gone more. BUT at the same time, I have been so dang blessed! I don't really know how to describe it. I seem to handle the kids better, overall, during the day... more at peace. Comforted. I don't know if that makes sense, but yeah. So, nothing's really changed with me ... other than I don't get Jared snuggles as much.

Both the kids started karate!!!  For Ayden, it's been a really great thing! His bio. brother goes to the same studio, so they do karate together ... I'd say on average once a week so far. It's great! And I think it has helped Ayden a bit. Bree, not so much. She goes, and does well... but she's not into it like Ayden is. 
Ayden got reading glasses!! He and Jared went to their annual check up, and it turns out Ayden is far sighted. It's not too bad yet, his prescriptions like nothing apparently, but yeah! He looks so grown up in them!! Other than that, Ayden's progressing well in school. *side note!: I can't believe it's time to register him for kindergarten!* He still has a long ways to go with his behaviors, but he's definitely learning how to control them more. He is reading well too. He's a smart kid who loves to learn... assuming you can channel that energy right ;o)
Little Miss Breeann is doing well. She's right on track, and loves school, too! She gets discouraged and tries to keep up with Ayden. But I think it's good for her. She needs that extra motivation. Her health is doing great too! Since her set back in November, she's really bounced back and some! She has an appointment with her specialist on Thurs. I'm hoping we can cut back her IV some more again. (*reminder- before she got sick, she was at 10 hours, in november we had to go up to 18 hours... we are now at 15*). She's had really great weight gain! So I think as long as her blood work tomorrow looks good, her dr will cut her back. Oh! As far as the dilation we found in Nov. ... her Omaha team doesn't think it's bad/operable so that's that.

Now, you guys ready for the REALLY exciting part of our Jan.? ... We got another foster care placement! About 4 days after getting back from Texas, we got the call. Sisters! "Elsa" who is now 17 months! And "Anna" who is now 3 months.(*i know, not really original nicknames BUT! I wanted sister names :oP ) They have been such a joy to have. They're good, cute girls. It's a lot having 4 kids, 5 yrs and younger... but we're managing. I am having to learn to overcome my OCD. More often than not now, I go to bed with dishes in the sink, laundry not all caught up, and ... I can't even tell you how bad my toy room is. But I've learned, and starting/trying to accept... that, that's okay. As long as there's still clean dishes, clean clothes, and bills paid... I don't have to be all caught up. I have good and bad days but yeah... Anyway, more about the girls. Um... it's not looking like we'll have them all that long. Their grandma is working towards getting custody. I think that's about it to tell on them. 

Anyway, I think that about covers our Jan.! Hope yours wasn't so much of a whirlwind!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oh December

December, honestly, just flew by for us. A lot of things that we did, I'm missing because I'm sure you all don't want to be reading all day. Anyway, Christina Marie came back!! 
I can't remember what we put up there, but we did something to surprise Ayden (Bree was still admitted in the hospital). He was totally excited all morning and couldn't wait to tell his sister all about it.
This was the day Bree got to come home (remember how she lost a total of 4 pounds in Nov.? If not feel free to go back and read that post. I'm too lazy to link it :oP ) At this point she had gained back about 2 pounds I believe. 
We had Breeann's school Christmas performance. Poor girl was sick that night, but still did great going up to perform with her class.
Jared and I got away for our annual "Forgotten Carol's" Date. They changed it up since we last went (which actually was in 2014, because 2015 we were busy coming home from Nebraska).
Christmas morning was FUN! Ayden insisted on separating the presents before we could open! lol Funny kid
The day after Christmas, we left for a week in Texas!! We did a Glen and Kris Payne family reunion!! It was such a blast!! With how big the family is, we don't all get together often. We were still missing Teancum, the baby of the family. He's on his mission!! Anyway, while we were there Jared and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!! We went to Medieval Times. It's a dinner show and so incredibly fun!!
And that about wraps up our December... so now I want to give a shout out to my hubby.
oh my, what a difference 10 years makes
Jared is all I could ask for a more. He does everything he can to spoil not only me, but the kids too. He works so hard at work, and then comes home to work hard at being an amazing husband and dad. He's always willing to help me with whatever, takes the kids off my hands as much as he can, and does so much. He is so amazing with the scouts in our ward. They all just love him too. He makes the program so much fun and makes it so the boys will want to come. We have definitely had our ups and downs these last 10 years, but there is definitely no one else I'd rather be riding this roller coaster with. He keeps me in check and makes me want to be a better person. He's without a doubt my best friend and confidant. I could say more but we'll leave it there. Happy anniversary (again), mi amor!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreaded Nov.

November turned out to be a overall not so fun month! It started out with Jared going to New Mexico to go to his grandpa's wedding!!
Happy times!! Except you know, when someone broke into our car (like smash the window open) and stole his sisters camera and equipment!! Grr!! But they still had a great time which is most important!! Anyway~ while Jared was doing that I was doing this:
Yep! Little miss had gotten herself admitted again that same weekend Jared was gone. Thankfully Jareds bro and his family were in town. They helped sssooo incredibly much around the house and with Ayden!! Feel bad I didn't get to just enjoy them more. But they were amazing about the whole thing. Thank you so much again for everything Itzel and Jacob!!! Oh and this is where I started suspecting that Breeann's intestines were dilated again. But more on that in a bit :oP

The second weekend, I got to go to Las Vegas for a couple days (hubby and kid free!! I didn't know what to do!!!). My cousin got married and I spent time with my mom and 2 of my sisters!! It was so fun but went too fast.
 Just a couple cute pics from Nov.
This is when Nov. kept trying us... Breeann did this
not wanting to really move, play
lots of snuggles
On the 18th, we did a x ray study on Breeann ... one to see if I was right, we were dealing with dilated bowel again. The second reason is because she hadn't had a one in like a year and a half, and she had had her surgery last Nov. in Omaha, NE. Anyway~ this is what the x-ray study looked like (camera shot while they were doing it :oP )
Here's a internet pic of more of what it should have looked like. Granted Bree's wouldn't look like this even not dilated but hopefully gives you a good idea of how messed her insides are 
When her dr called me with results, he said that her intestines are showing dilated, narrow, dilate, narrow type thing. SSOo... let's start with this... what does it mean for her intestines to be dilated? It means she is unable to move and absorb her food like she was before. Let's be honest, she's never had great motility or absorption but this makes it even worse. We are in the process of trying to talk to Breeann's team in Omaha NE. See if/what they can do. Please let us know if you have any questions, want clarification. We're a open book :o) We'd ask for prayers please!! Have a feeling hard decisions are coming our way again.

Anyway, we had a little bit of snow and of course Ayden had to eat it.
 We got to go play at a fun center in Lehi
For Thanksgiving, we went up north to see Jared's sis and some of my side. This pic was at Jared's sis... the costume Ayden's in is 12-18 month size!!
Thanksgiving dinner at my parents!
 My niece came over and had fun playing with the kids.
 The last Sunday of Nov., the 27th, Bree woke up fine and slowly declined through out the day. By 5 pm she looked like this:
I had, had enough and took her to the ER. There they found she was in acidosis. She was pooping out so much that her body pH couldn't keep up... I hadn't notice a increase in poop really but yeah. I kind of think she was starving to death. Anyway~ because of this she admitted to Primary Children's. She was there for a week while they readjusted her IV fluids and figured out what we should do with her formula.

This pic was taken on Monday I believe... amazing what they can do for her!!
Now she's getting pretty much all her calories from her IV :'( A HUGE, HUGE step back from where we were! Hopefully our SBS warrior princess can overcome this obstacle without any more "excitement".

Anyway, that was our Nov. Not so fun but we made it because of the prayers, help, and support of our family and friends. Could not make it through without all of you!! Hope you all know how much we love you and appreciate all you do!! Thank you so incredibly much from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Sept and Oct

Sept was a blur with both kids having a birthday, starting school, and we sent "baby" home to bio dad. So dang hard to let her go! But bio dad worked so hard from the beginning and is able to take great care of her, so better in the long run for her. He has texted a handful of times since. They seem to be doing great and she's getting so big!!! Oh and as mentioned in Ayden's birthday post, my phone got ruined with almost all my sept pictures. Soo... I think that's basically what happened in Sept. :oP

We started out Oct. with a hospitalization. As you see, she didn't mind. lol
For a few months there, Jared served as scout master AND assistant cub scout master. We were able to join the cubs in their pine wood derby. Of course the kids wanted dad to paint their faces like he did the scout who ranked. And my apologizes ... these are side ways and I can't figure out how to change them.
We did the traditional carving pumpkins!! Kids had a blast!! We let them direct their own design this year.
Unfortunately mine was facing the wrong way in the pic above lol Oh well... but its all good.

And here they are after a few days outside.
Felt like I should throw this in because I'm normally hiding in pictures :oP
Jared had a court of honor with his scouts. Ayden wanted to help do the flag ceremony. The kiddo Ayden's "helping" is one of their baby-sitters. He's great. And yes, Ayden is wearing one of his dad's scout shirts lol
One Sunday, Bree tackled her brother during sacrament, I took her out to talk to her and then told her she had to sit next to me, arms folded, totally quiet. Not even 5 mins later, I look at her and she's like this...
Kids ready for the ward Halloween party! Jared did their make up... isn't it great?!?
And this is where Oct. really fell apart :oP But I'll explain in Nov. post because that's when we really found everything, everything happened. Plus, you know, cliff hangers are good lol

Holy moly, Ayden turned 5 years old!!

This was taken in Nov, but whatever lol
I still cannot believe that Ayden is now 5 years old. Seriously seems like just yesterday we got called about him. He is seriously so fun. SSSOoo imaginative, energetic, and in general just LOVES life. Everything is so exciting and fun for him. And I'll have to say, so far, 5 has been my favorite stage. He has grown so much... well, developed so much! lol He's still so tiny. He probably about 33 pound and 3'2". So as far as his schooling, getting him into early intervention has done wonders for him. He still has behavioral problems, but he has come a long way. He's also doing great in developing his fine motor skills. Still won't use a eating utensil and has a hard time with a writing utensil. But he's more willing to work on it now and will do it properly about 75% of the time I'd say. This kid has the biggest heart when it comes to people too. We HAVE to wake him up to say good night if we're not home when he goes to bed, he gets concerned about Bree when she's sick, and apparently will even ask about his teacher(s) if they are not there. Randomly, and when he knows I'm upset, he'll tell me he loves me. This kid is just constantly making me smile and laugh too. He has a great sense of humor, I think. Interestingly enough, I think, he has also taught me patience in a different way. When he's having a hard ADHD and/or sensory day it's all I can do to not sell him to the circus! Getting up from meals a million times!! Can we say major fits, kicking the door hard!! But I take a deep breath, throw in some chocolate for me, and I can normally figure out what the root of the problem is and help him fix it.

Oh! As far as his actual birthday celebration! He begged for a friend party. So we invited family and about 4 or 5 friends and went to a park. He asked his dad for a Star Wars cake. Unfortunately my phone had a mishap on the way to his party so I don't think we have any pictures from the party or his cake :'(

And I think that about sums my Ayden. Happy birthday my special boy!!!

Breeann's 4 years old!

This little girl celebrated her 4th birthday back in Sept. (Yes, I'm way behind, trying to catch up :oP ) ... She seemed to have a good day of playing, school (Where they spoiled her), and a little family party. Things are normally low key for parties here lol

Anyway~ Bree has turned into a fun, imaginative little girl. Don't get me wrong, she is still FULL of sass and attitude, but unless she's tired or sick she's learned how to control it a bit. She is girly girl all the way! She LOVES painting her nails (on her own BTW), jewelry, playing that she's a mom, and babies. She can seriously hold a baby for hours and be okay with that. She spots a baby and you can almost guarantee she's going to ask the mom if she can hold it. She has learned lots at preschool! This is what her teacher said in her last progress report of Breeann:

Bree is doing great! Literacy: we are still working on her letter and sounds, but she's working hard and she's great with stories and comprehension:)! She's doing great memorizing sight words and is currently working on rhyming words. Math: Bree Is excelling in math and just learned basic addition :) she will be moving to kindergarten math tasks soon :). Bree loves games her favorite lately has been estimation games, she loves it when she wins :)! Social skills: Breeann is very social and loves playing with her friends especially if she can run with them :) she likes climbing on the jungle gym and she enjoys team work games. She has a variety of friends in her classes and is so happy to play with all of them :)

Bree has taught me sssooo incredibly much, and continues to teach me all the time. I have had to learn patience like no other girl with this little girl. And on more than one level I'd say. She can be the biggest sweetheart. Her love language is touch and words of affirmation. She could spend hours snuggling her dad (occasionally me), rubbing my arm, and rubbing her dad's ear. She said my ears aren't fun to rub because of my earrings. LOL!! You pay her a compliment and you have made her whole day. She looks up to her brother and tries to do everything he does (even if she's not quite ready or really like it).

As far as medically, ... I'll give an update later, but on her birthday she was doing amazing! Her doctor figured she was about 50/50 getting her calories from her IV and her formula/oral food. She had reached 37 pounds and like 3' 1" i think (i'm bad at remembering their height :oP ). She's a total rock star and champ when it comes to her health.

I think that about sums up my angel Breeann!! Happy birthday my princess!!!!