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Monday, June 21, 2010

Adoption profile

YAY! We finally got our profile updated. Feel free to take a look and make suggestions!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random pictures

Here are a few random pics. that I just haven't posted because... they don't have to much of a story.

Jared's pants were ripping because he kept stepping on the pants. He got tired of stepping on them so here is his solution...

Yeah, this pair of pants gone thrown away.

Jared was playing with Buddy outside one day and thought it'd be fun to help Buddy slide

Buddy didn't enjoy the slide very much, but Buddy still LOVES playing with Jared.

Here is us at a fair we went to this last week.


So~ one of my best memories growing up was going to the rodeo. Every year, we'd go... watch my dad work in the area opening the gates and whatnot. It was a blast. This combined with my love of horses has never left me! I still get so excited every year when we get to go. This last week we had a chance to. It was a blast! Here are some pictures of the exciting event.

Jared getting ready for the big event!!! Can't you tell he's so ready?

One of my memories about the rodeo, is getting there a little early and seeing my dad tilling the grounds, like this guy.

I also remember walking around the rodeo grounds and seeing the pin full of cows, just like this!

Here they do what's called "Cash Cow". It's kind of mean, but kind of fun. They tape money on baby cows and kids come into the area to get the money off the cows.

This is another event I had never heard of until I came to UT. It's call mutton bustin'. Little kids ride sheep as long as they can. It's awesome!! So cute to watch.

We had a blast!! Jared said I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited to be there. Hope you guys are havin' as much fun as we are!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Been way to long!

So~ life is good! It has been extremely busy here in the Payne home. Buddy has definitely been keeping us on our toes. Jared still isn't very fond of him, but I think Buddy's growing on Jared. Other than that we have been busy with work, scouts, and school, our usual. We did just spent a week in TX. We went to help celebrate this...

Jacob, one of Jared's younger brothers, got married! Itzel is a wonderful addition to the family! These two are the cutest couple. It was so fun to be able to go and help celebrate their big day. (Side note: the picture was taken by our talented sis-in-law, Jess. She did an amazing job with Jacob and Itzel's wedding photos!) While we were there, something else exciting happened.

This little cutie decided it was time to join our family too! Our sis-in-law, Michelle had Carter Verile Payne the same day Jacob and Itzel got married... May 28. So as you can see... big, exciting things happening in our family!