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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Oh how time flies!! We have been so incredibly busy. Just when I think life couldn't get any busier, it proves me wrong. I'll give a bit of an update on three of us... as far as "Belle". She's the one keeping us the busiest but unfortuantely I can't tell you about that. I just wanted to add that in since we probably don't seem any busier with just the three of us :o) Anyway~~

Jared's still liking working at Domo. They've been really good working with him so he can help a bit with the kiddos. They treat him really well. He's still not a mac fan, but he's starting to tolerate it more I think :o) They did finally get him a calling for church! He's the emergency preparedness specialist. He hasn't done anything with it  yet, but Jared thinks he'll enjoy it overall. Jared's been helping with the scouts too. So between that, being an amazing father and husband... he's busy.

I'm busy as ever with the momma thing. I love it overall. I'll admit there's days I question my sanity... but I figured what mom doesn't?? I wouldn't trade  being a mom for the world. It's by far the best job out there :o) they did release me from activity days. I miss those girls, but I'll admit it's nice not having to worry about activities and things like that. I'm still primary pianist so I get to see them there, as well as all the other kids. So I'm okay lol

Ayden is still just a ball full of energy. That boy only has two speeds... full and sleep. He is such an outdoors kid. He'd spend all waking hours out there if he could. Now that it's getting nice again, we do try to spend as much time out there as we can. Ayden starts nursery a week from tomorrow. CRAZY!!! Hardly seems right that he's already 18 months. He has handled "Belle" and all of her stuff about as good as you can expect a 17 month old to. He definitely loves his "sissy". Ayden is getting to the point where he and Buddy have a lot of fun together too. As far as his eating... I think he's just, and will always be, a extremely picky eater!! If his food is not prepared/served right, he doesn't want it. Luckily, he has his 3 staple foods I can always get him to eat now so hopefully he'll start growing on a better curve.

Think that's about it for us :o) I'll hopefully do a picture post soon. Until then, hope you're all doing great and love to all!!!