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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween was fairly low key. Jared helped out with the cubs pack meeting on Tues. He took Ayden with him while I got Bree admitted for what ended up being a stomach virus. Jared went to the pack meeting as a mountain man and Ayden went as
And isn't he the cutest little elephant, ever?!? On Wedn. night, Bree was still in the hospital so Jared went up to spend time with her while Ayden I went to our ward Halloween party. I was a total Halloween scrooge and didn't dress up :P I have a couple pics. from the party, but my fav. was this.
Ayden had asked the young woman who was doing face painting to do a blue robot on his forehead. I think she did good considering! lol

Bree got released Thurs. morning, so on Fri., we were able to have fun with her! She choose to go as
I think she looks absolutely adorable!!! Ayden had a party at school and I let the kids wear the costumes wherever we went that day. That night we just went up and down our street
It was perfect for actual trick-or-treating. Ayden was more into watching when people would come to our door. Bree just didn't care either way. She just was going along with it. Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!!

Our October

Our Oct. went fast! Ayden started speech therapy and is doing awesome! He will hopefully be going every other week soon, instead of every week. This is him playing at the office while we wait our turn.
Aunt Shan was so awesome and agreed to take kids so Jared and I could go on a date!!! It was amazing and kids had a blast. Ayden loves Harley sitting on him. :P
This little miss actually had somewhat a rough Oct. She caught pink eye. About a week after that, just after finishing up eye drops that she completely and utterly hates (takes after her aunt heather :P ) she caught a little stomach bug that Jared had. The bug got her put in the hospital for like 48 hours! But she's a champ and bounced back fairly quick.
I think that sums up our Oct. ... you know, other then my normal chasing kids, laundry, dishes, etc. Not terribly exciting, but enough that it made Oct. just slide by. Love to all!!!