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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The happenings

Been a while... thought I'd give a briefing on what we're all up to.
Bree has been sick ... pretty much since just before Thanksgiving. Thankfully not with line infections. She has been getting virus' that go around. Other then that, she's doing good overall. Still refusing to walk. She's scared. So we're working on trying to build that confidence. Hopefully it'll come soon. She's mimicking sounds, words. That part is way fun. I was thinking today... she's definitely more of a little girl then a baby now.
 Ayden is 2 lol Unless he's pretty much constantly entertained, he's into everything. His speech is taking off, in its own way. He's trying and loves to talk. Due to some problems with his ears ... I'll go into that in a bit... he isn't quite saying things right. For example, "doo dah" is snowman. He loves snowmen, mickey mouse, trucks, school buses, and trains. He loves singing  "Once there was a snowman" and "Wheels on the bus". He's still tiny, but has finally broken 20 pounds! i just hope he stays above and keeps gaining :oP So about his ears... in the last post I wrote, i mentioned both of his ear tubes has stuff building up in it, he failed his left ear hearing test, and his left ear drum has something going on with it. So, long story short... both of Ayden's tubes have fallen out and he has major fluid build up behind his ear drums. Because of this fluid, his ear drums can't move. With the ear drums not moving, he can't hear us properly. Mid- January, he's going to have tubes put back in and he'll have his adenoid removed. Really hoping that helps this little man and his speech.
With Bree being sick, I've been doing a lot of cuddling... even more laundry... and trying to stay on top of life, getting ready for Christmas. Short, sweet, but that's my life lately :oP
Jared is still as amazing as ever. He's been swamped at work. He still manages to come home on time almost every night. He has had an occasional later night but not often. Other then that, he comes home to be a fun, loving dad and an incredible hubby. :o)

So that about sums us up. Hope this finds everyone well :o) Love to all.