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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Here are some more recent pictures! I'm only putting five on here. If you want to see more, check them out on facebook or on our picasa (which you can get to by going to the pictures tabs). Love to all!


Oh my! Where has the time gone?? Here's a quick update on all of us

Jared is loving his new job! It has taken some getting use to, but he's working on actual projects now and is enjoying it. The company feeds their employees like crazy! Domo is always bringing in lunch and dinner... they always have bagels, donuts, etc. there for breakfast too. So far it's been a great company to work for. Other than working, Jared stays busy keeping me from going more insane :o) and playing with Ayden and Buddy. Still no new calling for Jared, but right now I'm okay with that.

I haven't been up to anything new. Mommy and wife sum me up! I still do activity days and primary pianist for church. I swear, I'm there forever! lol Good thing I love it, huh?? We have our primary program next Sunday... I'm excited, yet ready to have it over. It's fun, but kind of stressful. Yes, I'm the pianist, but it puts on a lot of me, I feel like. Anyway~ life is good.

Ayden is thinking he's Mr. Independent. He is now eating liking a champ! All the sudden one day, he decided that he was going to eat finger/table food and love it. He definitely has his favorites and has an opinion on what he eats... but he will eat now. We're kind of still working on the drinking thing. The boy LOVES chocolate milk. He's still small, but I'm definitely not as stressed about it, since now he likes eating. He loves to get into everything. He's still not sure about the walking thing. He can do it, it's just helping him get the confidence. We're excited to take him around for halloween. Technically this is his second halloween, but it feels like it's his first since he was too little, just brought him home from the NICU last year. We won't go trick-or-treating... but we have a costume for him and we'll take him to see his bio family, some family, and friends.

Think that about does it for us! I will be adding more pictures soon, so be on the look out. Until then, love to all!!