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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

secret, secret

I figured it's been two weeks, I should update :o) I'll put some pictures and a video throughout too. As always, to see more pictures, head over to our picasa account :o)

Jared's same ol', same ol'... He's loving his new job, still kind of adjusting. It really has been a blessing having him there though. Domo really treats him well. He still doesn't have a calling. Which is totally fine, because he's busying keeping me sane and being wrapped around Ayden's little finger :o)

Ayden is as cute and fun as ever. We're just anxiously awaiting until his surgery. As far as eating... we tried to set up an appointment with an endo. Long story short, both Ayden's dr. and the endo. think it's a calorie thing. SO! We just wait until Ayden's appointment with the GI and go from there. My mom did point out... when I was sick, it took about 6 months for me to gain weight. I'm wondering if we're dealing with the same thing, in that regards, with Ayden. Who knows. See what the doctors say soon. For now, Ayden is healthy, fun, and eating fabulous. If only we could get those darn teeth to cut, life would be AMAZING! in the land on Ayden.

And now on to me... this is where the title of this post comes in :o) So ... I announced on fb last week, but I thought I should announce here too... I went back to school this last semester. I had one class left to get my nursing degree and in 12 LONG days I will have it finished :o) On Dec. 10 I will graduate with my AAS. I am so stinkin excited! I am ready for this road to be over lol I have learned a lot in nursing school (both about nursing and about myself) but I am ready for a new chapter in life. I'm ready to be home full-time with Ayden again. I may work a day or two a month to keep my license (which I can hopefully take boards in Jan. or Feb.) but that'll be it. So yeah, that's REALLY what I've been up to since Sept. :o) Long, good road that's almost done. WAHOOO!!!

Anyway~ that's about it for us. Until next time, hope all is well with you all and love to all!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our long day

Yesterday ended up being a very long day for us! Which proves, I should never assume a day is going to be low key. Anyway~ it started out by taking Ayden to a check-up at his reg. dr. His dr. wants to see him like every 6 weeks to keep tabs on Ayden's weight gain... or should I say lack there of. Despite Ayden now eating like a champ! In 6 weeks, he only put on 4 oz and did not grow any length wise. :( So he referred us to an endocrinologist (a dr. that specializes in hormones... the kind of dr. i had to see growing up because of my turner syndrome).

 Ayden still has fluid in his ears too. Not enough to call infection or for him to do about, but it's been going on long enough (about 8 months) that he wanted us to see a ENT (ears, nose, throat specialist) too! Yes, I was discouraged.

So when I got home I called the GI dr. (aka feeding specialist) to report his lack of weight gain, called an ENT, and called an endo. We ended up seeing the ENT yesterday. Without any hesitant she told us she wanted to put tubes in Ayden's ear

sorry, maybe kind of graphic, but i like pics to visual things

In all actuality I'm kind of relieved. The poor boy has had more antibiotics than a 13 month old should. Also, I wonder if that's kind of the reason why he's not walking quite yet. He's having trouble with equilibrium. Anyway~ so we scheduled the surgery and it'll be good! It's a low key, outpatient surgery that Ayden should recover from in about a day.

Anyway~ that's the latest and greatest going on in the Payne household. I will keep ya posted once we see the endo, GI, and things progress. Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers! Love to all!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ayden takes steps

Ayden has taken steps before, but I haven't been able to get him to do it on camera. My amazing friend was able to catch it for me though!! Yes, it is a girls jacket he's wearing, but he's so incredibly cute still! lol

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year Halloween was kind of low key. With Ayden still being to young to go trick-or-treating... We went to see his bio. family, we went to see my granddad, meet up with my best friend for a bit, then went home, had dinner, and had TONS of trick-or-treaters So it was fun, just nothing to exciting. lol Here are so cute pictures from the night. As always you can see more on our picasa account :) Love to all!!