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About Jared

Jared is a native Texan. Dallas/Fort Worth area to be exact. He comes from a family of ten. He has one older sister, one younger sister, and 7 younger brothers. There are now six siblings of Jared that are married. There are like 30 nieces and nephews! Jared was very involved with scouts growing up. In high school Jared was also involved in men's gymnastics. In Jan. 2001, he moved up to UT to attend college. He graduated with his bachelors in computer science in Aug. 2006. He started working with a company called Domo in Sept. 2012. 

Jared is a man of many talents and interest. One of his top loves (besides Devin) is cooking. Jared loves trying making new dishes and considers cooking a stress relief. One of his claim to fame foods is his bread and cinnamon rolls. Jared loves food, but especially caramel! Homemade is best, but sometimes he can handle the store bought stuff. Jared loves to sort numbers. Yes, this seems like a weird interest, but it is a fun one for Jared. He could be happy with a deck of cards for a long time. Recently Jared has taken up gardening. He enjoys working on computers, playing games (video, computer, and board), and playing around with kids that are around. Jared enjoys running and playing sports with his scouts. What is meant by “his scouts” is Jared has been active in scouts as a leader since April 2008. He was scout master for 12-13 year old young men for about two and a half years. Jared is also a huge science- fiction fan. Any of the “Stargate” series, “Star Trek”, and “Dr. Who” are just some of his favorites. When you first meet Jared, he may seem like an extrovert, but the truth is Jared loves to be reclusive. He is happy sitting at his desk at work, in the dark, not talking to any one for hours on end.