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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh July

Our July went fast. It was mostly all fun and games :o)

We went to a natural curiosity museum a couple times with my side
Ayden could have seriously spent all day on this zip line
this girl loves water!!!
During the summer we do "Tacos Wedn., go swimming". Jared has to work late most Tues., that's why we changed it. Anyway~ here's them having fun.
July is Jared's birthday month!!! He never wants to celebrate big like I do... so we do a cake with some friends and family and call it good.
Breeann ended up getting a new IV!! So... if you've been following us, you know May and June were kind of rough. Well, that first week of July she started going downhill again. We did more blood work and it showed her line was dirty... AGAIN! So, after much talking and praying...we decided that the line needed to go. It was about 16 months old anyway... which is great for Bree!!
She's been doing so much better since we got that new line in her. She's my happy girl again. Her oral eating has really taken off overall too. She's not chewing her food, so we got to watch that and we're working with feeding therapy. So hopefully it comes quick for her.

We went to Texas for a week and spent some time with Jared's side. It was so incredibly amazing!! My kids had a blast playing with cousins... as you can see in this pic
And I loved just being there with my sisters-in-law and just having fun! To be honest, I didn't want to come back at all. I was sad when we had to go. But that's life.

These next couple are of my kids being crazy silly
As much as they drive me nuts... I sure do love those two babies of mine.

That about sums up our July!!! Hope you all had a great month as well. Love to all