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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Feb 2016

Well, our February was definitely not as eventful as January was. Thank goodness! We're getting our new schedule/routine down and doing great!

I wish Ayden's school teacher could send us pics. too, but oh well. At least we get to see pics of beautiful Bree and what she's doing at preschool. 
As you can see, she LOVES school. In fact, it's not uncommon for me to have to carry her out because she doesn't want to go. Ayden LOVES, LOVES, LOVES school too. He ask almost every day if it's a school day. He's been doing great at the early intervention program we got him into as well. We've already seen improvement with his fine motor skills. Behaviors, we're still working on :o)

We have been playing, having lots of fun around here. As Jared says, we're partying out!
As you can see... Jared's a trooper, amazing, and such a fun dad!!!

So we have been trying to work on the kids doing more chores/helping around the house.
It's taken so incredibly much patience... and they don't do well at all. BUT it's a start, they actually love helping out, and it does help me a little.

Jared took a pic. of the typical breakfast he makes Ayden. Pancakes in various shapes
This one has a Christmas tree, ware-wolf puppy , dad gingerbread man, Ayden ginger bread man, a sun, the sky... and I can't remember lol As stated above, Jared's so great!!!

We've just been busy with typical work, church, household duties, raising these kids. 

Now, some of you may be wondering about "Baby". What I write about her is my attempt at answering the most common questions we get, that we can answer. Yes, we still have her. She's getting big and more of a personality. She does not seem to have any medical, or behavioral, problems at this point. She's by far so much easier then Ayden and Breeann were/are. The plan is still for her to go back to her bios... us adopting her is not being talked about by the team (meaning "Baby"'s lawyer, bios, their lawyers, caseworkers, etc). She has been a wonderful addition to the family, even if it is only temporary. Adjusting to 3 kids is a lot easier then I thought it would be. Maybe because "Baby"'s a easy baby? She typically will eat about 10 pm and go until 6 am without waking up. So I am getting sleep and doing okay. ... I think that about covers everything lol

So there's a Feb. in a nutshell ... hope this finds everyone doing as great as we are. Love you all!!!