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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun times!

So this last weekend we did a couple of fun things! First was... Domo had another tailgate party! This one, surprisingly, was bigger then the one last year. I thought it was more fun too, simply because Jared had fun with us instead of working a booth AND Bree was there instead of in the hospital :oP Anyway~ with the kids being little still, we didn't do a whole lot. They got their faces painted
They played on bounce houses quite a bit... although, I didn't really get a good pic of Bree, she did have fun in them a bit too. 
We ate, walked around, and that was about it. What was cool is, as we were leaving they gave us a box of dozen donuts! And we're talking good quality ones ... one of them was a bacon donut. Which sounds really weird, but oh so yum! I am now hooked, wanting another one lol. Anyway~ we had fun.

The next day we were planning on keeping it low key... the kids both needed a slow day, especially Ayden. But it ended up... we went to run a couple errands and ended up seeing a safety fair going on at Home Depot. So we stopped for 10-15 mins. The kids had fun there too.
this is a SWAT van she's driving
Anyway~ that about sums up the fun we've been having. We're hoping to have more fun times now that Bree's not getting sick as much. Plus, her body really is liking the solids! I can manage her diaper rashes/bacteria overgrowth a bit better and she seems to be absorbing the foods better... now to teach her how to chew :oP