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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

better late than never

So, I'm just now getting to around posting about July. It has been a crazy few weeks and I'll explain why in this post... hopefully :P

Jared's parents came and spent a few days with us. This kids LOVED having Papa and Grandma here.
 A lot of time just being silly
Jared and I got a date night to the rodeo. BEST. DATE. EVER! I love going and sweet Jared makes it a point to make sure we go every year. We're thinking next year, Ayden maybe ready to go.
 Played a lot at parks
 We went to Pleasant Grove "Strawberry Days" carnival... we meet up with Ayden's bio. mom there. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of the two of them.
 Father's Day!!! I'm not good with words, unfortunately, but Jared's such an amazing, sweet, fun, caring dad. I'm hoping he had a great day. The kids each picked a present from them and we got one from the dogs. I got Jared shirt, Ayden got Jared water guns, Bree got Jared swim shorts, and the dogs got him pants.
 Breeann's "Payne Day"!!! It was fun, but kind of low key due to getting discharged from the hospital that day (more on that later). We just did pizza, snow cones, and a couple presents with my sisters and nephews.
 We spent a lot of fun times with my two sisters and nephews. I just thought this picture was funny... the two using the other as a couch
 Silly times
So here's where I explain the last ... couple months really. So since beginning of May, Bree has not been herself. Just acting like she doesn't feel well all the time, high output (diarrhea, leaking from the feeding tube, throw up), and constant low grade fevers. She was admitted May 18 for a line infection. There we found out one of her vein access sites... to use for her IV sites... has reopened!!! Best news we have received in a long time. We felt like we could breath easier. Definitely miracle and tender mercy. On June 22, Bree got admitted with yet another line infection. So before we left, we talked them into doing a intestinal scan. Results showed her intestines have dilated again. Her being dilated means her intestines can't move as well and she can't absorb her formula/food as well either. Hence the high output we were seeing... or at least part of it. At this point, we switched her to a feeding up (boo for wearing a backpack again) and her dr. told us he didn't know what us to really do for her and requested we go back to Nebraska. So we are currently working on getting back out there for another transplant evaluation. It is possible they can do another STEP procedure but we're uncertain and won't know until we get her evaluated out there. We'll keep everyone posted. We're getting into July now, BUT might as well finish the story right? On July 7 (yay for staying out on Jared's birthday and 4th of July) Bree was admitted with another line infection. At this point we decided her IV was probably colonized with bacteria (meaning they just made themselves at home there) and made the difficult decision of removing the IV (which was like 16 months old) and getting her a new one. She went through both procedures great. We were particular about the surgeon we used, and the amazing, talented man who did Bree's original resection (removal of the intestines), placed her feeding tube, etc... He was the primary dr. for our angel for the first 4 months of her life. Anyway~ he put his great skill to use and yeah... Today, Breeann is doing great! She's acting like she feels better, she's tolerating feeds and even asking to eat!, and hasn't really had any low grade fevers even. She's use to the backpack again and is our happy, sassy, sweet Bree. 

So that sums us up. If anyone has any further questions, i didn't explain things good, etc... please, please, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're an open book and hope our story can help others. Hope this finds everyone doing fabulous!!! Love to all.