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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where has time gone?

Wow! Has it really been two months since I've updated?!? Crazy!! It's been a busy couple of months... and let's be honest... with two kids, life is just busy.

June was busy with lots of little things and with Breeann getting pretty sick. She lost quite a bit of weight, had a period of really bad dehydration, and the poor girl was just miserable!!!

We did squeeze in some fun things like going to a city fair

dinner during the fair
 this was taken at my sisters house, when we went to go swimming. Bree has jello in her mouth here... that she actually ate!!! this was like the beginning of her getting really sick. My sis hates this pic, but I think it's fun
 We played outside, with sidewalk chalk quite a bit too.
 At the beginning of July we celebrated Jared's birthday!! Unfortunately, Bree was inpatient on his special day, but my family was so amazing and threw together a little surprise party at the hospital for him. I can't thank them enough for doing all that. I really do have the best family EVER!!!
 This is what happens when you let a 2, almost 3, year old go painting with dad ;o)
 We've been doing a lot of this lately... I'm telling ya... this poor angel hasn't been herself.
 The kids... yes, both of them... have been asking for "slurpee party" quite a bit lately. And so we get this:
We had a week of family fun!! Ayden mainly got to be the one to enjoy it. Breeann was inpatient, I spent my time off and on at the hospital with her... and Jared either worked or was with Bree. 

That about sums us up for now. :o) I'll try to not make it so long in between updates. Love to all