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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Las Vegas

Okay... let me start out by announcing on here that ... we have taken on a foster daughter! I can't give too much detail, but she will be referred to as "Belle". She's a sweet heart, currently still in the NICU, and we hope to bring her home soon.

We just got back from a 4 day trip to Las Vegas! We spent Christmas with my side of the family. It was a lot of fun. We hung out, had a birthday party for my nephew, had a mom/daughter lunch, went to a movie, I got to see a high school friend! So... nothing major but a whole lot of fun!! Ayden did really well too, overall. His eating was worse than normal, but other than that he traveled great, he slept great, had fun playing with his cousins, and was good. Here are some pictures from our trip. Just as a reminder, to see me go see our picasa account (under the pictures tab). 

yes, we are mean... he was okay with it all but the skirt. the skirt kept getting in his way of walking

So there ya have it :) Our Christmas in a nutshell. It was a great one. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Standup and shout

WAHOOO!!! Jared actually wrote this one :)

Yesterday I was playing with my awesome baby, and he did a new trick I wanted to share. He did it once and I was watching. Then he promptly fell down and did it again. I grabbed a camera and knocked my baby to the ground and started recording.

Yes Ayden can now stand on his own. Now I will never be able to catch him. Just so you know this was the first time he did it while holding something.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa and Ayden's surgery

On Sat., we went with Blaine, Heather, and their cute kiddos to see Santa! I was a little nervous how Ayden would do, but he did great. I admit, I think it's because we had Jared go hide :o) That and Ayden had just woken up from his nap when we went.



Today was the great and dreadful day! Ayden had tubes placed in his ears. He did amazing. I was expecting the worse, so I'm so glad to have the best! He already seems to walk semi- more steady and talk a little more clearly. Could be my imagination though :o)

Right before going to surgery
Right when he got back
leaving the hospital
home with some food in his tummy!

As you can see he was a champ!!! I'm so glad to have it done, start the recovery, and start having a healthier, happier boy!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Yes, we officially have a walker! Ayden doesn't walk full time yet, he does do quite a bit of crawling still, but it's fun seeing him walking more and more. He gets so excited and proud of himself every time! I love it! So fun watching him learn and grow. Although, then I'm quickly reminded he's not my baby anymore! :( Anyway~ these were taken like the day of and the after he started. He's a lot more steady now. Enjoy

Foster Care Christmas Party

Yes, this is a bit late, but I've been busy, you know, graduating nursing school. Anyway~ on Sat., we went to a Christmas party hosted by our foster care group. It was awesome!!! Panda Express catered, Santa came, there was cookie decorating (which we didn't do- maybe next year when Ayden's old enough to care and know lol), and you could go search through a bunch of clothes, shoes, etc. that had been donated for foster families. I'm telling you... the love and support that are given to foster families is amazing! I feel so blessed to be able to help these kids and to have so many generous people help in anyway they can. Anyway~ here's a pic of Ayden with Santa. Yeah, Ayden wasn't a fan. We're going to try again soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nursing school graduate!!

YES!!! I'm proud and happy to announce that after three LONG years of nursing school we made it through!!!

It has been a very difficult journey. One that I can't say I'd do all over again... at least not right now lol But I am glad that I stuck to it, despite all the obstacles that came in the road. I know I couldn't have done it without Jared, my mom, and a whole bunch of other family and friends. I didn't get when couples would say "we're going to school" ... until I started nursing school. Jared and Ayden suffered just as much as I did to get me through. I am so grateful for them, and for all of you! Your love and support has definitely been felt and much much appreciated!!

Now onto state boards!! After that, who knows. Jared and I now have a lot of talking, praying, and fasting to do. I never thought this day would come!!!!

Thanks so much again and love to all!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Live Nativity

This last Sat. we had the chance to go to a live nativity. It was so fun! Growing up, the one I went to was a play. When we were talking when to leave and all that good stuff, Jared told me that it would be walking around, seeing stuff, a bit of talking. Which I thought was weird! Anyway~ ends up Jared was right and I loved it!! More importantly, Ayden loved it too. We had so much fun. To see all the pics, go to our picasa account. Love to all! :)

I had a donkey name Samuel growing up... yeup, still love donkeys too :)