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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jan 2016 ... and big news

So far 2016 hasn't started out how I expected.

We had our normal playing... Ayden really getting into coloring
Braving the snow... Jared and Ayden made that little snowman in our neighbor's yard
Jared changed our kitchen light, and the kids loved playing on the ladder
Once again Jared! :o) He made the kids a hammock, bought himself a hammock and they have had a blast playing in them
So this is really where the craziness begins!!

On Jan. 11, Bree ended up getting admitted. This was only about a 24 hour stay and ended up being a respiratory bug. Side note: 6 months and no line infection!!!! *knock on wood* our record!!! 
On the 13th, we got a foster baby! Yes, you read that right. We are back in the game. More on that at the bottom of this post :o)

On the 15th I got knocked down with strep throat, got officially diagnosed with it on the 16th!
On the 26th, Ayden started early intervention, public school preschool!! He really can use the help with his behaviors. So far it's been great and he's already got 3 or 4 friends he talks non-stop about lol. i love it. He gets to ride the bus too! LOVE it and so does he. How is he old enough to do all this though?
So, with all the craziness of the month, both kids have been struggling. We've been trying to do quality time stuff with them... easier said then done, but we're trying. Jared decided Ayden needed to make dinner one night. Ayden did great! I was proud

Momma and Breeann snuggles... 

So ... about our foster baby.  On the 12th, as I was discharging Bree from the hospital, our foster care caseworker sends me a text asking if we were ready for placements (I had mentioned to her in like Oct. that we might be in Jan.) ... I told her unless it was urgent, I'd talk to Jared that night and get back to her. Her response was something to the effect of nothing too urgent yet, but they did have a drug exposed infant possibly coming into care that they really wanted us to consider. Jared and I talked that night, decided we would open our file, but wanted to know more before we accept the case she mentioned. When I texted her that Wed., the 13th, morning she said she'd have them call me if the baby came into care. No joke, 15 mins. later, I got a call with a little more info., asking what we thought. Called Jared, we decided to take it. This was about 10:30 am. When I called back, saying we'd accept, they said that court was at 4 p.m., they'd know more then and call us about 5. At 2 p.m., I get a call from another caseworker saying "baby" would be ready for us to pick up in the NICU at 5 p.m. Yeah, craziness! Not to mention, Jared had scouts that night, that he couldn't miss!! Thankfully for some incredible neighbors and friends, it all worked out and we had "baby" home by 8 p.m. Wedn. night. So yes, 36 hours from getting that original "are you ready" text, we had a baby.

Now let me please remind you all, I cannot talk about specifics of the case and I cannot post pics of "baby". If I don't post as many pics for a bit, you now know why. Please feel free to privately ask any questions, but be understanding if we tell you we cannot talk about it. We are excited to have "baby" (That will be the online name i decided :oP ) but definitely relearning the ropes.

Love to all and hope this finds you all doing as well as we are