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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March happenings

These aren't in order... but here are some pic. of our fun, crazy March.

Ayden started gymnastics!
So far he's loving it! Definitely not getting all the things they're suppose to do, but he's not doing half bad. The day he goes, his energy is more manageable... which I have been grateful for! lol

We got to meet up with Ayden's bio. brothers! 
I LOVE this pic because of Ayden and his bro. picking their nose. It's always so much fun getting closer with them, their families, and not to mention see how much the 3 are so much a like! lol I love open adoption!!

Bree had another hospitalization.
She was acting off for a while, but then one Thurs. night we had some evidence to go off of... high white blood count and inflammation markers which typically means line infection. After talking with her reg. dr., we decided to do direct admit and go from there. Her cultures never grew anything, so her line is clean! so we're guessing she just had some bug that IV antibiotics and a med to help her intestines work faster seem to be clearing up. I didn't get any pics., but the night she was admitted... Jared and I took advantage... My sis. was an angel and took Ayden over night for us. We went out to dinner, got a hotel room, and just relaxed the rest of the night and few hours in the morning. It was exactly what I needed! Thank you so so so incredibly much again Shan!!!!!

Silly kids
Yeah, food all over faces is how we do it here lol. And in case you're wondering, that is cream on Bree's face and yes, she did end up reacting. :o/ 

Bree feeling better!
This was taken yesterday. She hasn't been eating or drinking for a while, but she's starting to take some by mouth now. We'll see if it last, but I'm definitely taking this as a sign she's feeling better!

Swinging with Dad!!!
Jared is so much fun. I love how the kids just adore him and want to play with him. He's a great, great dad!

That about about sums up our March... crazy but fun. Hope you all had the same!!! Love to all