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Friday, January 28, 2011

Update/ Random

So, it's been a while! Yes, we're alive and kickin'. Just been a crazy, crazy two weeks actually. I'm not going to go into detail because... not the type of thing you blog about to be quite honest. Nothing horrible though. We're doing great.

Jared's been dealing with a big project at work. Can't remember what it is, so if you're really curious, leave a comment, e-mail, or whatever and I'll have him get back to ya. Scouts is going great for him. He's excited to start the swimming merit badge. Yes, you read right. Swimming in ... it'll be Feb. by the time they actually go into the pool. Jared has a maternal uncle who lives about 15 mins. away. This uncle has an indoor, heated pool. Uncle is FABULOUS! at letting us, or the scouts, take over his place to go swimming. He's great no matter what, but you know what I mean. Anyway~ I think that's about it on the Jared front.

I've been busy with my LAST semester of nursing school. Can I just tell you May can not come fast enough? lol Anyway~ it's actually been not too bad of a semester so far. *saying prayers* *knock on wood* Going to try to stay positive that it'll be a great semester. Other then that, scouts is my life too. Wouldn't have it any other way. I've got a great committee now so life is fabulous.

So I just have a bunch of random thought I've been thinking about lately that I want to share. I hope this won't be too boring of a post. So sorry if it is. Anyway~

Who is reading our blog? I know we have a bunch of family members reading but... every now and again I look at the stats and seems like more than just family. So if you're blog stalking us, GREAT! Let us know who you are. We love comments, we love making new friend... so just let us know who you are. We'd love to get to know you, answer any questions you have about us or adoption (assuming we know ourselves), and have you in our life.

What is our 2011 going to be like? I will say this, it's already turned out to be quite the year. But what I mean is I'll graduate school, then what? I'll at least go back to work per diem (or like once/twice a month; this is so I can keep my RN license) but will I end up working more then that? When exactly will I go back to work though, with the trek and family reunion... it may be July or Aug. before I get to go back to work. Maybe longer if a child comes into the picture.

Kids... will this be our year? Only He knows. I will say this, we plan on opening our foster care file once I pass state boards. Us opening our file though does not mean we'll get to adopt the kids we'll foster. When we do adopt, are we going to end up adopting through state and not LDS?

Those are some of my random thoughts. Please feel free to leave comments. Hope I didn't totally bore you all. I hope they make sense too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jared got me

Yeah, I should be studying... but all the studying of sedative/antianxiety is putting me to sleep SO I thought I'd do a short blog post to hit the refresh button. Anyway~ the other night, I was upstairs getting ready for bed when all of the sudden I heard banging on my piano. I thought that was really weird because I'm the only one in the house who goes near the piano. So I yelled down to Jared if he decided he wanted me to teach him. He replied no... by this time I was heading to the stairs to see what was going on. This is what I found ...

Jared saw the video of the dog playing and decided he wanted to teach Buddy to play and sing too. I couldn't help but bust up laughing. I got a little video of it too, if you'd like to hear him actually play...

Yeah, a little excited at the end. For all those interest... I FINALLY! was able to get a video of Buddy singing. It's not the best picture, because what I had to do was.... I set the camera next to me on the piano bench. You can still kind of see Buddy though. ENJOY!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Okay, I'm a blonde!!

Jared's remark is the blonde roots sink deep

I am so so sorry! I am total blonde. We made a button Tues. night, right? Well, I changed the picture like Thurs. I think. I can't remember exactly. When I changed the picture, I deleted that old picture. So! If you've added our button to your blog that first day or two, you need to redo the html on it please. If you haven't added our button to your blog yet, you know you want to :o)

Friday, January 14, 2011

SOO dang cute!!

My aunt just sent me an e-mail with this video! It is so cute, I just have to share. I probably should preface it a little bit too. So, when I was... what? 12? I went out one night to help my dad feed our horses. When we walked by the side of our house, we found an abused dog. After much pleading, my parents let me keep him. His name became Max. Well, come to find out Max sings!! Whenever one of us would play the piano he would sit next to the piano bench and sing. I thought it was the cutest thing EVER! My family all got annoyed. Years later, Buddy comes into my life. I decided it'd be cute to teach Buddy how to sing. He does sing, but he has a bit of stage fright. Maybe one day he'll let us record him. Anyway~ there's the story behind my singing dogs. Hope you enjoy this dog's playing and singing. Now that is talent!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have a button!

Much, much thanks to my amazing husband we now have a button! Or as Jared said, it's technically called a link. Anyway~ what is a button you might ask? If you go to our side bar, copy the html code that's toward the bottom (you can also see what the button looks like), you can add our button to your blog. That way people can find us, and know we're adopting. The button will allow people to visit our blog, from you blog. Hope this makes sense. If not, ask away!!! Also, feel free to ask questions on how to get it on your blog, if you don't know. Please, please, please use our button! Thank you so incredibly much! Love to all!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing much

There's nothing to exciting going on.

Jared's busy with work, scouts... the usual.

I started my last semester of school today. Knock on wood, it won't be that bad of a semester. We'll see though. I'll keep you all updated.

We had the privilege of having Anna and her two boys stay with us last week. My mom came up too, but she stayed with my brother. It was fun having the time with them. I didn't do as well as I should have on the pictures. I only got two good ones. I'll post more when/if Anna sends them to me (hint, hint Anna).

nephew getting a piggy back ride while doing Jared's hair.

nephew playing with Buddy

So that's about it for us. Hope all is well with everyone! Love to all

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to be an experience

As you have all probably figured out by now ... I love stories and I love telling them. So here's a story (I have to tell two parts, then I'll join them together):

Part one:
When I was 17 I was called to be on youth rep. for our ward in planning a trek up to WY. I loved most of the experience. I loved the trek, the planning, meeting new people on the stake level, etc. The part I didn't love? Having to dress up in pioneer era clothing. Here are some pictures from the event

This one is my trek family

this is my whole ward

So here's part two of the story:
Sunday night Jared comes upstairs to find me with the phone on his ear (this is like 9 p.m.) and ask if we can meet with two high counselmen Tues. night. Um... sure?? I'm totally stumped. Why in the world? It couldn't be like a stake young men, young women, etc. calling. That would come from the stake presidency. I started freaking out, Jared of course was calm. So last night was the big night.

Joining the two stories:
Maybe you have guessed by now BUT what the high counselmen wanted is... they called us to be a "Ma & Pa" for a trek to WY that the youth in our stake are going on this summer. So I get a chance of lifetime... twice! :o) I guess I didn't learn what the Lord wanted me to the first time ;o) j/k. I am, overall, so stoked. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait to help the youth have a great, spiritual experience. We'll have 8 "kids" ranging from 14-18 yrs. old. The part I'm not so crazy about... 1) I have to wear the pioneer clothing again (knew I should've kept those ugly skirts). 2) This means this is going to be a crazy semester trying to do school, scouts, I'm on an adoptive couple retreat committee, and now this. I can't wait, but I can... if that makes sense. Anyway~ there's our latest news. Hope this finds everyone good and well! Love to all