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Monday, November 2, 2015

Our October

Our October was both hard and fun

We got to see both birth mom's! I need to get the other pics off Jared's phone :oP
One of Ayden's new favorite things is mattress slides! Or as he calls them, pillow slide.
We got to play a fair amount at Thanksgiving Point! My poor children are having a hard time getting Thanksgiving Point and the actual holiday of Thanksgiving.
Now comes the not so fun part. On the 12th Bree's IV started getting really hard to push medications into. By the 14th it was like impossible. Her specialist was the one on call, he said to bring her in and they'll work on it.
Well, after an extremely long night for both her and I, the outcome was that there was no saving the line and we needed to replace it! 
Poor baby woke up extremely miserable. She use to wake up just fine, but not anymore. Anyway~ there was a couple good outcomes of that visit! One is we got to see Dr. Downey!
He's the surgeon who took care of Breeann the whole time she was NICU, so the first 4 months of her life. He did her original bowel resection (cut out all the bad intestines, making her short bowel), he put in her feeding tub, several of her IVs, and has done a couple of what's called STEP procedures on her. I personally think we have him, as well as her specialist, to thank for our miracle still being here. 

The other good outcome is ... we found out one of Bree's IV sites has opened!!! As you may, or may not, remember, she was down to one site!! We were so panicked and worried about her IV access site. But in June we found out one had opened, and we just found out a second opened! So of the 4 sites, she now has 3!!!
After all the hospital stuff settled, we had fun watching Jared carve pumpkins
And make a scarecrow. 
My amazing hubby carved 4 pumpkins and made a scarecrow just to make Ayden happy. Isn't Jared the best?!?!

We play dress up quite a bit these days... which is perfect for Halloween!! 
Yes, the kids are still both going to preschool. :o) They absolutely love it and momma loves the break. hehehe
For the church trunk or treat and school the kids dressed up as cowgirl and captain america!
But when it came to going trick or treating on Halloween, Breeann decided she wanted to be spider girl. I should have gotten a forward facing pic. Oh well.
Honestly though, my kids had so much more fun passing out candy, then going trick or treating. They were both so thrilled every time someone came to our house and they loved putting the candy into the bags.
Overall, I'd say Oct. was an alright month to us. Hope it was the same to all of you as well! :o) Love to all

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ayden's 4th birthday

Ayden John... what can I say, but he keeps me on my toes! lol

He woke up VERY upset that he wasn't "4"... so Dad helped him out.
 He got to open a present ... lunch box... so we could have a picnic lunch.
 This kid actually had 2 parties! lol This one is with the Payne's on Ayden's actual birthday. It was a joint with our nephew.
 The day after his birthday, Ayden and I went on a quick trip to Las Vegas ... where we had a joint party for Ayden and our other nephew!!

Ayden had a blast and really got birthdays this year. It made things really fun! He kept saying for a couple of months what he'd want for his birthday. He got spoiled and was happy with how it turned out.

Now mushy about Ayden: I love this boy so incredibly much! He has taught me so much about having to have patience... not that I have it yet, but I'm getting there! lol Ayden just loves life, loves people, and loves! He's not very affectionate... it's like pulling teeth getting kisses from him... but he does have a real love for people, especially his family. He gets really concerned when Bree's inpatient, Dad's workin late, or Mom's having that rare night away. He's getting to have quite the imagination. He'll dress up in a super hero costume and be quite upset if we don't refer to him as captain america, or which ever one he's dressed as. He loves learning too... Constantly asking questions about how things work, what is that, and what happens with this. I just love this boy and his tender, adventurous spirit. Ayden, we love you and so so glad you are our forever boy!!!! happiest of birthdays to, my son!!

Breeann's 3rd birthday

Excuse me while I go be in denial about my baby being 3! I know it shouldn't probably seem that big of a deal, BUT IT IS!!! For Breeann, a little girl who wasn't suppose to make it out of the NICU, to now be 3 is huge. She's such an angel... but we'll get to that in a bit.

For her birthday, she asked for elmo brownies... and Jared delivered! 
 We just had a little, low key celebration with a couple friends. She actually wasn't feelin 100%, so we felt like we needed to keep it low key.
 We got to see Momma Alyssa!!!!
 More presents! I'm tellin you, this girl was spoiled.
Now, for the mushy: Like I said, Breeann really is our angel. Granted, girl's got sass and is so dang stubborn!!! But deep down I know that's what has kept her here with us. She has got to be one of THE strongest fighters I know. She is growing into such a little lady to. She loves her hair bows. She is so smart and independent. She will just go play by herself for a while. She and I butt heads quite a bit (hey, I never said I wasn't stubborn too :oP ) BUT I love this little girl so dang much. I want to savor every min. we have with her... because, let's be honest here, who knows how much time we have left. I want to just snuggle her and kiss her all the time. I have no doubt she was sent her to teach me, and others, more then she needs to learn... if that makes sense. Breeann, we love you so much baby girl!!! So dang grateful and blessed to have you as ours!!! Happiest of birthdays angel!!!

Sept. ... better late then never?

Yeah, I'm slacker! I don't know why but I've been having a hard time getting myself to blog about our Sept. It wasn't a bad month, I don't know what it was. Anyway, here it is...

Finding out Bree did not react to milk on her allergy skin test
 But then gave her mac n cheese
 Yeah, we're taking it slow, doing more cheeses type thing to see exactly where she's at.

Having a blast at preschool!! Their teacher emails me pictures.
 Having fun at the Domo Tailgate party!!!!
 Gotta eat brownie (or was it cake :oP ) batter!!!
 Getting so big... or not :oP At their 3 and 4 year well child checks
 A little girl who kind of had a rough month, but made it through without having to go inpatient!
 Picture day at preschool!!!
 Borrowing a kayak and having fun before it gets too cold!!!
I think that about sums up our months... other then Ayden and Breeann's birthdays! Which, in my opinion, those deserve their own post SO! Be lookin for those.

Friday, September 11, 2015

August 2015

August was a busy month for us.... and a big one for Breeann.

Breeann became daytime potty trained!!! I can't tell you how awesome it is to not deal with diapers as much.
Breeann and I went to Omaha, NE for some testing. More on that to come. In the mean time, here's some fun pics of us, Jared, and Ayden that we both took while we were apart.
Breeann started preschool! She's doing great and lovin' it so far. She and Ayden go at the same time so this momma gets some down time.
Bree got her first real hair cut. We've just done trims before... but this time we decided to go for a bigger change. She is no longer a baby anymore. Such a little girl now. And I couldn't be more proud of her.
A bit about our Nebraska trip... We went there to see what (if anything) they could do about Bree's dilated bowel. We were not able to finish testing while we were there. While doing some testing, they found air pockets in Bree's intestinal lining. She's fine, it has since resolved... But because of it, they were unable to finish testing. That is all we know right now... We'll update if there's more.

That about sums up our month, I think. I'm hoping to do a couple more post later... but for now, bedtime. :) Good night and love to all!