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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pack meeting Halloween party

Devin has been updating most of our stuff lately on our blog but she asked that I write this update. I hope you enjoy it. First of all I have recently been asked to fill in as Cub Master while there is a transition in the calling. I was happy to do so. If I got to pick my calling and only had to have one calling I would pick Cub Master. This is a calling that is just a party thrower. Once a month you get a whole bunch of people together and throw a party. This month is Halloween so I got to throw a Halloween party. Being the master of ceremonies and getting to hand out awards to the boys is an awesome perk to the job. Devin and I had a awesome setup. We went dressed up as Mad Scientists. I was dressed head to toe in black with medical scissors and syringes hanging out of my pockets. Devin loaned me a stethoscope; she had a couple of them. I also got to dye my hair red. Devin dressed in red and white scrubs and had some medical equipment as well. Devin even took the plunge and did something she had never done before. She frizzed her hair a little and dyed her hair BLACK. She looked like a crazy woman. We finished off our costumes by putting fake blood all over our hands arms and faces.

We started the whole shindig with Devin carting in all our stuff for the pack meeting. I had a cart with awards and other gruesome things. We had one boy getting rank advancement and that was very exciting for him. We talked about the role of the werewolf. Werewolves are the guardians, the protectors. I will admit they are to protect vampires but that is besides the point. We talked about protecting others and not joining in on hurting those who need protection. Then in order to get his award he had to eat something off my cart. He decided to eat a 6 foot long Vampire Vein. I dropped the Vein into his mouth a foot at a time with everyone cheering him on.

The next boy to get an award decided he wanted to try one of my werewolf huevos. He pulled out a large huevo and ate it down. There is nothing like rocky mountain oysters to get a belt loop.

The next boy tried the final item on my table, Franken Fingers. Yes they are the severed fingers of Frankenstein’s monster.

We continued to call people up and one of the boys almost puked after taking a bite out of a werewolf huevo. We then had several games for the boys to play that where much more traditional. Devin and I hung donuts from strings while the boys ate them without hands. Musical Chairs was played at another station you know party games. The kids had an extremely fun time playing and pack meeting was an astounding success.
After scouts Devin sprinted up the stairs and made a bee line to the shower. She felt disgusting in her awesome costume. While Devin got cleaned up I started to wrestle with our dog Buddy. Buddy loves to wrestle! We pushed on each other for a few minutes when I realized that my dog was no longer white. He was beginning to change from white to red. I guess the fake blood on my arms and the dye in my hair where not very stuck to my body. He loved the game but I decided to stop before Devin got out of the shower with a red dog.

We hope everyone enjoys their Halloween as much as we did and wish everyone the best.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

and it continues...

the wait that is. The wait to be placed with a precious little one. So~ I'm not meaning for this to be a "pitty" post. It just seems like lately adoption has come up in conversation a lot. Hence, I've been thinking of it more than usual. So I decided to write a post about my recent thoughts and feelings. Don't feel obligated at all to keep reading. But if you do, I have to apologize if the thoughts are a bit scattered. Hopefully they make sense though.

My first thoughts are about birth families, especially the birth moms. I don't think I could ever completely express my gratitude and admiration for these women and birth families. I think it'd take the act of maturity to be able to place. Anyway~ the love these ladies and their families would have to have to be able to place their child in the care of another family is... incredible. Next to the atonement of Christ, I don't think there is more of a selfless act of love.

I've been made aware of ... from off the top of my head, 2 teenage young women that are pregnant. From what I understand they are going back and forth between placement or not. Obviously I would say place! BUT ... what these young women have to decide is what is best for #1 their baby and #2 for themselves. Yes... baby comes before them. I was talking with a friend the other night... her sister is a birth mom. This birth mom said that she knew that this baby was sent to save her... but to be a part of the adoptive family. Does that make sense? This birth mom was living a life that was leading to total chaos and misery when she got pregnant. When she found out she was pregnant, birth mom had to decide what to do about placement, abortion, etc... she knew that adoption was the way to go for her. Making such a magnificent choice really opened this birth mom's eyes and helped her through the repentance process... getting her back on the path birth mom wanted to be on. I don't know why, but when my friend told me this story it just really hit me. What strength! This story also made me it apparent to me that when birth mom did what was best for baby... she herself got blessings untold AND so did the adoptive couple AND so did the baby. I don't even want to think of what would have been missed out on by birth family, adoptive family, and baby. NOW! Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying adoption is right in every situation. The point I'm trying to make is... when people listen to the prompting of the spirit so many countless blessings unfold.

I've also lately been feeling the peace and comfort about our specific situation. Yes, I still have my impatient times and I just want to know when. I know without any doubt that "when" will happen when it is right... in the Lord's time. I know until that time I need to just keep loving life and living every day to it's fullest. Until "when" I need to focus on school, my cub scouts, my husband and family... I know the Lord is mindful of us, our situation and when the time is right we will be blessed and honor to have a baby ... and birth family... join our family.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Shoot

Hey everyone~ Below is a link to see all the photos Jessalynn took of us. I think she did amazing! Thanks so much again Jessalynn!! We owe you.


you can look at the picture section of our blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandpa Zobrist

Today is sad, yet happy, day. My grandpa passed away. He was 83 years old. Grandpa was definitely a one of a kind man. Grandpa was married to my grandma for ... just less then 50 years. She passed away April of 1998. LaDonna (she's the one in the above photo), his second wife, has been in the family about 5 years? Sorry... I may be off on how long things are. Anyway~ Grandpa, my dad, and some other family owned a poultry company for years. We'd love to go to work with my parents, play with Grandpa and Uncle Reed (my dad's uncle, my grandpa's brother). Of course Grandpa and Uncle Reed giving candy and money always helped. Melissa (my younger sister) definitely got the good end of that deal. My fondest memories are of Grandpa swimming with us grandkids. My grandparent's, as far as I'm concerned, ALWAYS had a pool in their backyard. Every Sunday we'd go see my grandparents at their house. It was definitely good times.

*Below is a 4 generation picture (with the 3rd generation missing). In there is my nephew, his grandfather (my dad), and Dad's Dad (my grandpa).

So why do I say it's a sad, yet happy, day? It's sad because, of the obvious. I'm going to miss my grandpa dearly. Since I moved from home I hadn't gotten to see him as often. I'd look forward to seeing him when I'd go home. He's Grandpa! It's happy though because... he was diagnosed with parkinsons about the beginning of this year. He was struggling and just was ready to go. It's happy because we know where Grandpa is, we know he's free of his pains and suffering, and more importantly... we know we'll see him again on the other side. Love you Grandpa! Miss you already!

Here's a link to his obituary... if you want to look.

Monday, October 11, 2010

best husband ever!

Yes, I truly have the best husband ever. I know there are several of you ladies who think you do, but I know I do. :0) Jared is always serving, caring about others. He spoils me like no other. Things like, he comes home from work to make dinner... when I've been the one at home. He's so dang patient with me and all those around us. He definitely has to be patient to have married me. I just love Jared so much and thought I'd share. :0) Sorry for the mushiness

Family fun!

These last couple of days has been a blast... full of family time. It started out on Sunday with us picking up my maternal grandparents and the 4 of us headed up north to a baby blessing. My cousin had baby number two at the beginning of Sept. We had to immediately leave after the blessing to head up further north. Jared's cousin recently returned home from spending two years in CA, serving a mission for our church. After he spoke in church, we all went to Jared's uncle and aunt's house for a dinner. It was so fun seeing everyone! Here are a couple of pictures from the Payne side. Unfortunately I couldn't get any at the baby blessing.

Jared's paternal grandparents, Jared's older sister, and her three kids

Think he wants the cookie?? :0)

Cookie? What cookie?

Then tonight, Monday, we meet up with Jared's brother, his family, Jared's cousin, her family, and Jared's paternal grandparents. We went out to dinner and enjoyed time talking, having fun.

Us with Papa and Grandma Payne

And these pictures don't do justice to the fun... I promise. We didn't think to pull out the camera while the real fun was happening.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This last weekend was a blast! Unfortunately I didn't get as many pictures as I was hoping too. Anyway~ we had Jared's sister, her family, her in-laws, Jared's brother, his family, and Jared's other brother. lol Did you follow all that? ;0) We had a fun visiting, playing, and lots of food. The most important part was General Conference! For those who don't know, general conference happens every 6 months. It's where we get to hear from the leaders of our church. They give wonderful guidance and encouragement. Always a spiritual upliftment. Let's just say I have lots to work on.

Here's a little video of Buddy "dancing" with Jared, our nieces, and nephew.

He normally "dances" better. I think he knew I was recording. :0)

I have to tell you about another cute/funny thing Buddy did. These last couple of days has been on and off storms. This means mud! Mud everywhere. I let Buddy out in the yard to go do his business. I checked on him maybe 2 mins. later and this is how I found him...

definitely a face only a mother can love. lol