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Sunday, March 12, 2017

February was mild

Comparatively, February was uneventful. Just getting use to our new schedule and routine mainly. Biggest highlight was, we had Ayden's bio brothers over for dinner!!!
Aren't these boys so fun!?! Love all 3, and the fact that they have a relationship!

Here's a couple of other random pictures:

We went bowling for Family Home Evening
And more often at not now, you will find at least one or more child(ren) attached to me in one way or another
Thanks again for the wrap, Meg!

Anyway, looking through pics, and thinking back... our Feb. wasn't exciting like that. Like I said, just lots of figuring out our new schedule and routine :o)

Jan. was a blur

Jan. everything happened so fast... I think I'm just going to update person by person

Jared's been busy at work. He's still lovin' Domo. Biggest change for Jared is... he was released as scout master for our ward. He was called as Young Men's President. This means for our ward, he is over all the boys 12-18 yrs old! I think he said like 20-30 of them. The calling was extended in Jan., but did not become public/start until Feb.

With Jared's calling change, that means more on me at home. Which I won't lie... has been so incredibly difficult! ... Which you might understand more in a bit... Anyway, it has, it's been hard having Jared gone more. BUT at the same time, I have been so dang blessed! I don't really know how to describe it. I seem to handle the kids better, overall, during the day... more at peace. Comforted. I don't know if that makes sense, but yeah. So, nothing's really changed with me ... other than I don't get Jared snuggles as much.

Both the kids started karate!!!  For Ayden, it's been a really great thing! His bio. brother goes to the same studio, so they do karate together ... I'd say on average once a week so far. It's great! And I think it has helped Ayden a bit. Bree, not so much. She goes, and does well... but she's not into it like Ayden is. 
Ayden got reading glasses!! He and Jared went to their annual check up, and it turns out Ayden is far sighted. It's not too bad yet, his prescriptions like nothing apparently, but yeah! He looks so grown up in them!! Other than that, Ayden's progressing well in school. *side note!: I can't believe it's time to register him for kindergarten!* He still has a long ways to go with his behaviors, but he's definitely learning how to control them more. He is reading well too. He's a smart kid who loves to learn... assuming you can channel that energy right ;o)
Little Miss Breeann is doing well. She's right on track, and loves school, too! She gets discouraged and tries to keep up with Ayden. But I think it's good for her. She needs that extra motivation. Her health is doing great too! Since her set back in November, she's really bounced back and some! She has an appointment with her specialist on Thurs. I'm hoping we can cut back her IV some more again. (*reminder- before she got sick, she was at 10 hours, in november we had to go up to 18 hours... we are now at 15*). She's had really great weight gain! So I think as long as her blood work tomorrow looks good, her dr will cut her back. Oh! As far as the dilation we found in Nov. ... her Omaha team doesn't think it's bad/operable so that's that.

Now, you guys ready for the REALLY exciting part of our Jan.? ... We got another foster care placement! About 4 days after getting back from Texas, we got the call. Sisters! "Elsa" who is now 17 months! And "Anna" who is now 3 months.(*i know, not really original nicknames BUT! I wanted sister names :oP ) They have been such a joy to have. They're good, cute girls. It's a lot having 4 kids, 5 yrs and younger... but we're managing. I am having to learn to overcome my OCD. More often than not now, I go to bed with dishes in the sink, laundry not all caught up, and ... I can't even tell you how bad my toy room is. But I've learned, and starting/trying to accept... that, that's okay. As long as there's still clean dishes, clean clothes, and bills paid... I don't have to be all caught up. I have good and bad days but yeah... Anyway, more about the girls. Um... it's not looking like we'll have them all that long. Their grandma is working towards getting custody. I think that's about it to tell on them. 

Anyway, I think that about covers our Jan.! Hope yours wasn't so much of a whirlwind!