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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good ol' May

Our May went by way too fast. Mainly good stuff!! Like playing in water.
 Ayden got to meet his new bio. cousin!
 Our city's fire department put on a pancake breakfast... brought in a helicopter and everything! it was a lot of fun.

Our ward had their fathers and sons camp out. jared and ayden both had a blast! apparently ayden mainly played with sticks.
 A fun visit with Mama Alyssa!!!
 Ayden's preschool had a graduation party we went to. He did great!!!
 Played at the park
 Went to my cousin's mission homecoming. I think this pic. captures their personality perfectly
 Learning how to drive
 Bree had a hospital inpatient stay (more on that in a min.), Ayden had a blast with my friend while I brought Bree home
 The day Bree got to come home
 This next pic., i have to tell the story! Bree went inpatient because she got a line infection. She ended up growing two different bacteria. SO! The drs. were worried we'd have to talk pulling the line, it had been a while since we looked at what her sites looked like for a new IV anyway, so we did a ultra sound
The ultra sound showed that her whole right side is completely opened!!! This is such a blessing! We thought we were down to the one site her IV is in right now!! It gives us that much more time to get her off her fluids!

We went out to dinner with both awesome bio moms!!!
 Pic of me opening my mother's days gift. jared spoiled me for sure! biscuits and gravy, awesome presents, and mostly took care of the kids on his own the whole day. it was nice.
 My mom came and played for a day or so.
 Ayden got sick for a day or so. This one never gets sick!
So that sums up our May. It was a good month, just went by too fast. Hope you all had a great month too!