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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 years and counting

Happy Anniversary to us!

Yeah, think we've both changed a bit in the last 5 years. One thing for sure hasn't changed... Jared still makes me smile big! I couldn't ask for a better best friend, eternal companion, etc. These last 5 years has definitely been a roller coaster. Jared is the one that has kept me sane through it all. Words cannot express how much I love him! I can't wait to spend eternity with him. But you know, still ain't long enough. Okay, enough of the mushiness. Love to all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We've been spotlighted!

Quick background story... so a while back I got an awesome e-mail from an adoptive mom! Her name is Kenna (check out her incredible blog here). I can tell she's amazing, and I don't even know her in person... yet :oD In the e-mail she asked if she could spotlight us on her blog! HECK YES! Love getting our info. out there, meeting new people. After crazy, busy-ness on both sides, the spotlight got published yesterday!! I absolutely love it. I will be honest, we did write some of it, but she did a good hunk on her own and got us to the "T" I think!! Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

So I promise I did try posting this the other day, but blogger was being retarded. Still kind of is, but I found a way around. SO! Our Thanksgiving in Las Vegas! We had majority of my siblings and their families there. It was a lot of fun. Although, we did miss the ones that couldn't make it... we still had fun without them. But shh! Don't tell :o) We didn't really do anything exciting. We visited, played, ate, watched movies, and had fun! There was one exciting event that happened, but we'll let Jared tell it. It's his story, sorry. Anyway~ here are some fun pics. from the trip. Caption/explanation at the top of the pic.

So, in my family we teach them young to do chores. :o) Within reason of course. Here's my cute little 4 (almost 5) year old nephew helping with the dishes. No one even asked. He just said he'd do them.

So, they might kill me for putting this pic. up so no one tell :o) 3 generations! grilling. My 8 yr. old nephew had to cook outside for a cub scout requirement. My bro. and my dad were helping him. I thought it was sweet. They got mad at me taking pics, so that's why there's water on the window. :o)

Me and super dude doing dishes! I think he's a keeper!

Oh, how adorable is he? 2 yrs. old and already knows the good stuff (whipping cream and pumpkin pie).

Papa teaching him how to enjoy the goods.

And we must not forget this little handsome man! He's just less then a week younger than "Thor" but definitely is bigger then "Thor". We just love him to pieces already!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fell off the face of the Earth?

You might think we have, but I promise we haven't! We are still alive, doing well, and lovin' life!

Jared and I ... same ol', same ol'. We're pretty boring like that. :o) It was hard being out of town so much these last couple of weeks, but we're both catching up on our responsiblities and getting back into the routine of life. Just in time for Christmas!

"Thor" is ... well, growing up is hard! :o) He's doing good. Getting stronger, getting bigger, and developing his personality. He has now made it over 8 lbs! Never thought it would come. He decided eating wasn't too bad when the milk comes out of the bottle faster. He especially had a hard time being out of his environment, but he didn't do that bad. I can't complain. OH! Fun little story~ so we had our ward Christmas party last Saturday. Part of the program was I played "The Nativity Song" out of the children's song book while people acted it out. Right before we go on, the primary president comes up and asked if they could use "Thor" in the program! He was baby Jesus! Luckily we had just fed him and gotten him to sleep, but I had Jared on the side just in case "Thor" didn't behave. :o) I guess the girl who was holding him, she's like 6. She's use to holding babies for about 2 mins. Apparently she got all red, just a shaking trying to hold "Thor" for that long. Finally, her dad stepped in and had someone take "Thor" from her before she could drop him. Thank you Dad! Wish I could have seen it. I think there was someone there taking pictures.

Anyway~ think that's about it for us. I'll post about Thanksgiving and our trip to good ol' Blanding soon! Hope all is well. Love to all!