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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A crawler and a hider

Here's Bree's new trick!!

Here's Ayden having fun at Granddad's

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

fun in the dirt

Yes! Another post... I'm trying to do better. Anyway~ thought I'd catch a picture of Ayden acting like his normal self, before he realized what I was doing :oP

tonight we had the great privilege of watching my best friends kids while her and her hubby went on a date. Think the kids had fun? :oD

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're alive... I think

Why hello there!! Hopefully we still have some readers :oP  Anyway~ let me start out by saying... so I had like 200 pictures on my phone. I plugged the phone into the computer to get them off/ share them... yeah, I don't know what happened but I lost them all! There may, or may not, have been a tear or two shed. So, here's a few you get to see in the mean time.

We, as in Jared and I, haven't been up to anything different. He's busy with work, being the worlds greatest husband and dad. I'm busy being a mom, trying to keep up with the two precious angels we have. We did get to go on a real date last night. It was AWESOME!! We really appreciate the ladies who made it happen for us. Normally we just have a teenager sit at the house while we go get ice cream and run an errand or two. But last night we went out to dinner, a movie, and got to have fun talking/ snuggling. Anyway~ on to the two you're really wondering about ;o)

Ayden is crazy as ever! His nickname is hurricane Ayden these days because we'll clean up a mess, just to find he made a ever bigger mess. He's 23 months, gets into everything, and loves learning about the world around him. He's eating like a champ, but not growing... maybe taller, but not gaining weight. He's about 19 pounds. We'll see what the dr. says at his 2 yr. well child. He's starting to talk a bit more, not a ton but a little. His fav. is animal sounds. This boy is a tease! He purposefully will say opposite of what you want, then get a big old grin. It's fun. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his dad and his dad's truck. That's about it for this little man

Now on to this little sweetheart... Bree is growing right before our eyes. At 11 months, she's about 17 pounds (yes, same size as Ayden :oP ) She's not full time crawler YET, but she's taken a few and is so extremely close! As long as she's feeling good, she's a talker! It's so fun to listen to her babble. Her health is... overall really good. She's amazing all of us (as in everyone in her health team) with how great of a fighter she is. She's so strong. From July 22- Aug. 16 we were in Nebraska for Bree. She had a surgery out there that they specialize in. So... the top part of her intestines was REALLY dilated causing a narrowing where her first surgeon brought the two parts together. So the NE surgeon went in and did what's call a STEP procedure. So now part of her intestine looks like this

She handled the whole thing like a champ!! She was hospitalized for 12 days. Just over 24 hrs later, she has right back in though. She had been throwing up LOTS and spiked a fever on us. So she got to spend another 5 days in the hospital. The rest of the NE trip she did great! We got home and... she ended up with a line infection :'o( so she got to see her favorite nurses here for about 3 days. Yes, this was after we had only been home for like 2 or 3 days. She's doing good right now, other then she's dealing with allergies... hence this picture

I'm telling you! This girl is a strong fighter!

Anyway~ thats about us in a nutshell. We're hoping things are calm here for a while. But with two birthdays coming up!! Not extremely likely, but it'll be a good fun at least, right???