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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Oh March... I won't miss you

March ended up not being a very nice month to our family.  It started out fun and normal...
But then the weekend of the 19th, everything started following apart :o/
Breeann got sick. When all was said and done, she ended up with rhinovirus (respiratory virus/cold), the flu, and cold sores in her mouth.

Ayden got sick fairly shortly after Breeann did
Ayden ended up with respiratory virus (or maybe the flu... never got it officially tested), left ear infection, and pink eye in both eyes!

"Baby" got the flu, start of pneumonia, and pink eye. Jared and I both got crap but hard to explain what we got. Luckily our little family is all on the mends, and April is being much nicer so far :o)

Since sickness was so big here, we did a lot of this
Aunt Shannon came to the rescue and had fun with these two for a day while I took care of "baby" ... who was still sick at this point.
Unfortunately that sums up our March. We didn't celebrate Easter because well... hard to when you've got 3 sick kids, one of which was in the hospital, and parents weren't 100% either. Hope March was a lot nice to you guys!!! And April is too!!!