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Our history

Our Story- as written by Jared
It all started early one Saturday morning; it ends up that both the damsel and the hunk in this story were in the same place, doing the same thing. At his juncture, the hunk noticed the fair,young damsel was with some other dude and thought to himself, “I bet she would be happier with me.” A short time later our damsel was sharing her musical talent as the choir pianist. Being very observant, she noticed the most handsome man in the room. Lucky for our hunk he only needed to compete with himself. Also working for him was the fact that the fabulous damsel was behind the piano and did not clearly hear him. At the next activity they both attended, the fearless damsel approached the handsome hunk and decided to put on her best charm. The hunk quickly decided to invite lovely lady to accompany him to the final destination. The next day the happy couple officially started down a long and enjoyable path together. Add a couple of years and along came their barking Buddy, he is cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle mix).

Our Story- as written by Devin
I noticed Jared one day at ward choir. Normally I was the pianist for the choir, but for some reason (can't remember why) I wasn't playing that day, but I went to give a friend a ride. As I was sitting there, listening to the choir, I noticed a really great looking guy... Jared. A couple of weeks later, I was asked to conduct the choir. Kind of a tricky thing to do since I also had to play. It worked out okay though, because there were 3 other women and Jared that came! I of course had to go home to talk to my roommates about the really cute guy! A week or so after that, we had a luncheon with our ward and Jared and I ended up at the same table. This time I ran home to tell my roommates that I didn't quite know if Jared was my type. I also thought he was interested in the woman he sat next too (come to find out he was just trying to be nice). A couple weeks after that we had an activity were we were going to go see a movie up on temple square. When I first got to the church, where we were meeting, I saw Jared and decided to say hi. We got talking and when it was time to go, he asked if I wanted to ride up with him. Of course!!! But I did the safe thing and grabbed a couple of girl friends. Later this proved to be a bad idea, because they just kept talking... which meant Jared and I couldn't really talk. Well, we ended up talking enough though that I caught Jared's interest. He called me up the next day and asked me out for that night!! It's all history from there!!