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About Devin

Devin is a native Las Vegas, NV girl. She is number five out of six kids. She has two older brothers, two older sisters, and one younger sister. Three of Devin's siblings are now married. Devin has a like 10 nieces and nephews on her side. Growing up she was very active in band (both marching and concert), playing the flute. She did play piano for the jazz band for a couple of years too. She graduated high school in 2003 with high honors. In July 2004, Devin moved up to UT for a change in life.

Devin has always had a couple of goals in life. These are in no particular order. Devin has always wanted to be a nurse. Due to health problems as a baby (please read our adoption story to learn more about the problems), Devin was always around nurses. Health care professionals are in her family as well. Devin is proud to have fulfilled this goal in life!! In Oct. 2003 Devin received her C.N.A., became an L.P.N. in September 2010, and finished nursing school in Dec. 2012. In Jan. 2014, she passed state boards finally accomplishing becoming a registered nurse. Another goal Devin has had is to be married in the L.D.S. temple to an honorable priesthood holder. You can read on about our courtship story to learn how that goal was achieved. A third goal Devin has is to become a stay at home mom. One of the most memorable days in her life was the day that goal was achieved!!

Devin enjoys socializing. She loves girls nights out, date nights with Jared, and social networks like facebook, blogging, texting, and talking on the phone. Devin loves to go on walks with Jared, their baby, and their dogs. She likes hiking, swimming, and horse back riding. Her favorite t.v. series are “7th Heaven”, “Monk”, and “Psych”. As far as movies goes, she always game for a comedy, romance, or a good mix of the two. Dogs are a must in Devin's life. She is crazy about most animals, but especially dogs and horses. When Devin was about 7 years old, her mom started her in piano lessons and Devin has continued playing since. Although she is far from professional, she enjoys playing for stress relief. It is also one of the ways Devin can fully express herself- is through music. When listening to the radio, country is by far the favorite. When she was younger Devin played soccer for a couple years, and still enjoys kicking the ball around every once in a while. Another stress-reliever for Devin is cleaning! She loves cleaning and organizing.