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Friday, July 9, 2010

Time for an update...

So... life has been fun, but crazy around here. Fourth of July weekend was busy. It all started Sat. Let's start with the shorter of the stories. Sat. I had my last shift at the hospital. Yes, I am no longer a workin' woman. I don't think it's quite hit me because of how busy things have been. We decided that it was time for me to focus more on school, scouts, and getting things done around the house. Main one being school. SO Sat. was a bitter/sweet day. I'm excited to no longer be working, but I'm sad too. I love working, but I know it's not right for me to be working outside the home right now. I think I've been in a bit of denial and that's why I haven't publicly announced quitting until now.

Next story!

Sat. when I got home we had a house full! Jared's mom came in from TX, his sis. and her family came down from northern UT, Jason & Michelle were here with good hunk of her immediate family. We hung out here for a bit then went to Jared's uncle's to swim. We had a little birthday celebration for Jared and one of Michelle's sisters.

Sun. was the main event everyone was here for. We went to Jason and Michelle's church and their little boy was blessed. For those who don't understand what that means, Carter will now be known on the records of the church and at the same time, Jason (who performed the blessing) gave Carter advice and things to help Carter throughout his life. This advice and blessing come from our Heavenly Father specifically for Carter. Hope that makes sense. After church, we all went to a park and had a little picnic and then later that night had dinner at our place.

Mon. was a great day! It was my Jared's birthday!!!! I am so blessed and grateful to have him in my life. He's an incredible husband. Much more than I could ever hope or ask for. Anyway (moving on from the mushiness), we just hung out and had homemade cherry ice cream. Michelle's family left in the morning, Jared's sis. left that night, and Jared's mom went to go stay with Jason and Michelle for the week.

Other than that, life is same ol', same ol'. Sorry there's no pics. of all these exciting events. There were issues and so the camera could not be used. I promise pictures next time!

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