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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss us?

We just got back from an awesome 9 day vacation to New Mexico and Texas!! Yes, I will be doing a post (or posts) on that. For now, I just wanted to give a quick update on the three of us. Jared is still the most amazing, thoughtful, loving, etc. husband ever! I don't think anything really has happened with him. He's been kind of at a stand still with work. No, his job isn't in jeapordy. Jared's still lovin' scouts. He's hoping they get him an assistant soon. He's been told it's in the works. As for me, lovin' the stay at home mommy thing!! I'll explain more later (in the vacation post), but Jared's bro. gave us a tour of the hospital he works at it. Really made me miss working at a hospital. I wouldn't want to leave "Thor" for anything though. I know I'm suppose to be at home. I was recently given a new calling at church. Along with primary pianist, they called me to serve as activity day leader for the older girls! I am so excited, yet nervous. I figured, it's like cub scouts, but with girls, right? I think I did pretty okay with cubs. I should be okay with Activity Days... right? :oS ... time will tell. "Thor" is still the cute, lovable, smily baby! Just love him! He's still small, but hiting the milestones he should. We went to the doctor on Feb. 20th to have him weighed. He was 11 lbs, 4 oz. Our cute little stink bug is still off the charts small, but he's following the charts curve. The doctor is having us do two things, food wise. We now add 1/4 tsp of rice cereal to each ounce of formula. This has helped SSSOOO much! "Thor" still doesn't eat as much as he probably should, but at least he's comfortable! And who knows, maybe once he gets back into his routine, he will eat better. Anyway~ the second thing our ped is having us do is intro. baby food! Whatever "Thor" will eat, we can give. So far... green beans, pears, and carrots are a hit! Apples and sweet potato are okay. Chicken is a definite no go. As far as whe we get to finalize... still up in the air. We're waiting for the lawyer to call us with that day. I think I will bug them again tomorrow hehehe (don't they know they're dealing with the world's greatest nag?) I think that's about it for us. Be looking to our post about our recent vacation. Yes, pictures will be included! Love to all!!

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