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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life as a mom of two

Oy! Life is good just busy. Here's a summery of what the Payne's having been doing.

Ayden's getting use to being a big brother. He now, for the most part, has it down as much as a 16 month old can. Ayden definitely doesn't like sharing his dad though. He is getting to be such a little boy. Kind of makes me sad lol I swear we just brought him home a 4 week old baby. Ayden is starting to try to say more words, getting better in his walking, and wants to be Mr. Independent. He has now reached 17 pounds. If we feed him the right thing (aka what he feels like eating at that time) he will eat like a champ. Ayden currently has 12 teeth and is trying to break his two top "I" teeth. Think that's all new with Ayden.

I'm still doing the mommy/wife thing and lovin' it. It's hard and stressful. I, however, wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm hoping to take state boards soon and can officially be a RN. I'm just waiting for the state to get back to me, and we all know how long they can take :P I still do primary pianist and activity days. Been awesome callings. I think that's about for me.

Jared is amazing. I love him more and more all the time. He's now been working for Domo for about 4 months and I'd say he's all the way settled. Jared is an amazing dad and husband. He's constantly spoiling us.  He is also staying very involved with Boy Scouts. He went on the Klondike campout (aka winter campout) last weekend. He said it's the best one he's been on yet.

Think that's about it. Sorry there's not any pics with this post. I'll try for next time :o) Until then, love to all!!!

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Stacy said...

I missed the announcement of your little foster baby girl! congrats! how fun. I bet you are keeping ultra busy :)