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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Belle"'s room

This has been an exciting last few months. Devin and I decided to take in a special needs foster daughter. I want to say that this girl gives me nightmares. Not because she is hard to deal with but because she is medically fragile. I have dreams that I am changing her diaper before going to bed and I notice a little black spot. I dismiss the spot and the next morning she is covered in black and dead. 

Now I am not the medical expert in the family. I will leave that for Devin. All I knew was that this little girl needed a good, clean place to live.

 This bed just had to go it filled a room that now needs to be filled with other medical things.

Watch Devin take it out all by her self. While I take pictures

Now that the only thing in the room is gone it is ready to get updated

As I said not being a medical person I just figured that bacteria and other things do not like white. That means I just had to paint the whole room white.

Devin then informed me that bacteria does not care about color and she decided to pick the new colors in the room

I will give you one guess on what Devin's favorite color is.

I am getting excited that about half the room is done

Now the other half. Devin still got to pick the color.

And the final product with all the new furniture and medical supplies


KinderTeach said...

I am glad that this kid gets a real crib. Your little girl is beautiful and we are all glad she is coming into the family.

susan said...

Oh I love it!!! Lucky little princess!!!