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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Las Vegas

Just because of how things work in our family, we don't get to escape town much. But this month, Ayden escaped twice, Jared and I escaped once. It was so so so so nice. I took Ayden we went down to Las Vegas to see everyone, meet my incredibly tiny, cute little new nephew. Here's so pictures of the things we did.
playing in rice with Grandma Shell
ate lots of yummy food
snuggled this angel --- love older bros. look in the back :P
Ayden playing with his cousin
telling Grandma Shell the color of the M&M and then eating it
Uncle Josh's pet
tractor ride with Grandma Shell
Tractor ride with cousin
Stealing cousin's donut 
I did get to see my high school best friend too!! Unfortunately, Ayden wasn't being nice when we saw her and we didn't take any pics. It was so so good to see her though. Anyway~ It was a sort of quick, but fun trip. Here are the pics. Jared sent me.

yes, she is passed out
By the last pic., I should have known something wasn't right with Bree. She never passes out in the middle of the floor like that. The night Jared took that pic., she ended up getting admitted for fever. Turned out to be another virus. Her 4th different one this winter. We were coming home the next day anyway... we just got on the road sooner then originally planned. When I got to the hospital to see Bree, she looked shocked! lol Like I had come back from the dead or something. She was definitely happy to see her momma.

I know this isn't an exciting post, but it was kind of a low key trip. It was really nice and just what I needed. Love to all!!!!

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KinderTeach said...

I love the photo of Ayden and Joshua. I'm glad Ayden loved Princess. Looked like a fun trip. We will miss you this weekend.