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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This Mother's Day was pretty much absolutely perfect. Other then pretty much the typical 2 1/2 year old and 20 month old attitudes, the kids were amazing and Jared spoiled me rotten!

This one was taken a couple days before  mothers day, but I still thought it was sweet. Breeann's feeding me french fries.
We started off the morning with presents
we're mickey mouse fans around here ;)
mickey mouse pj bottom
white comfy pants... yes, I asked for comfy pants
black comfy pants
Jared made so extremely yummy waffles. They made with a different batter and a different sugar. You'll have to ask him. But they were so good!!  
Yeah, then I slacked off on having Jared to take pics, taking them myself. But after church, we had a low key lunch, kids took a nap while I bathed and Jared cooked. When they got up, I took Ayden to see his bio. grandma's while Jared finished up cooking. My friend and her kiddos joined us for dinner. After we ate, we just talked and then it was bed time. After we got kids in to bed, we cleaned up, got Bree hooked up to her IV, and then I took another nice bath.

Like I said, pretty much the most perfect day. Jared spoiled me and it was so nice to relax.

I am so grateful to be the mom to these two babies. Is it hard? Without a doubt. Most days I just want to cry, scream, or pass out tired. But I couldn't imagine life without these two. They really are my everything. I am so blessed to be able to be their momma. I am so grateful to their two strong bio. moms that made it possible for me to be a mom. I wish we could have celebrated with them, but unfortunately circumstances didn't allow that. I thought about them, as well as my mom, non-stop Sat. (which is birth mom day) and yesterday.

Which brings me to wanting to say a little bit about my mom.
She is my hero! All she does, her faith, and her strength... I know I wouldn't be here or half the woman I am without her. I am so blessed to have such a great mom and best friend! She has definitely been there for me and has lifted me up when I felt so burdened with my two. I just love her.

Next, I want to say a little bit about my incredible mother-in-law
She is amazing. Her patience, her knowledge, and love. She's got 10 kids, 7 of them married, and 20 something grandkids... but she can tell you what's going on with all of them, makes each grand-baby a quilt when they come into the family, and she is now working as a nurse. She's just so admirable.

Last one, promise.
my three sisters. I wont lie, they drive me absolutely up the wall sometimes. They are relentless too. But they are always there and I know I can count on them no matter what. They are incredible women and I couldn't ask for better sisters.

I wish I could talk about my amazing sister-in-laws... all 9 of them... but I think I'd loose all of you. But trust me, they are all top notch too.

I hope this mothers day found all you women spoiled and you all felt appreciated for all you do, like I did. Love to all!

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KinderTeach said...

Seriously, could you have found a worse picture of us all 3?

Glad your day was awesome Bub, you deserve it for sure. I'm glad you'll get to continue the celebration this Friday too.