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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our February

Our Feb. was actually quite eventful! lol So pull up a seat and get ready for story time :o)

This was not Bree's month at all! Poor girl. Now this pic. looks worse then it really is!!!
 Bree has a scab and a scar on her face that she will just not leave alone!! (side note: how do you pick a scar?? gets me, but Bree knows!) For the life of me, I cannot get her to quit picking. SO! Our last ditch effort was to try band aides. Worked for a while, but then she started pulling the band aides off too! I just give up!! Hopefully its just a phase she'll grow out of soon.

We spent a lot of time out side, swinging... I'm a wimp and don't last long... But the kids could spend forever out there. Especially swinging in fun ways! This is just one of the pics. I got and just love.
 So, on Sun. (the 8th) we noticed Bree felt warm at the start of nursery (so about 12:15). Jared took her home, checked her temp and she was 99.9F ... borderline!! The rest of that whole Sun. she was border, even crossed a little. So about 6, I finally decided I should call the on -call dr. to report (because of her IV whenever she has a fever, we report and they do what's called blood cultures, make sure her line doesn't have bacteria or fungus in it). He said he didn't want to mess around with it, that it was border line long enough and admitted her to Primary Children's.
Well, it turns out her line was infected!!! with Strep too!! Just goes to show, you can get strep any where! lol Anyway~ she came home Thurs. morning (the 12th), doing great!!

On President's Day (the 16th) our cute niece came over and spent a few hours with us. My kids just adore her, and she loves them, so everyone has a great time!!
 The next day (the 17th) we got to see Bree's bio mom!!! It had been way too long and we had a great time just playing at McDonald's.
 The same day as seeing Bree's bio mom, we found out Bree was suppose to be drinking ... at least 24 oz of her formula... but 32-36 was preferable. Let me say, before going any further, those numbers are just guesses on what it would take to get her down, may be even off her IV. We don't know for sure how she'll absorb all of it and if that's really what it'll take. anyway~ we got her taking 24 oz a day!! We were so dang happy!!
 We got to see Ayden's tummy mommy on the 19th!! Once again, at McDonalds. Go figure my kids love McDonalds! lol It was a lot of fun catching up with her too!!!
 On the 20th, I went with Ayden's preschool to the Bean Museum at BYU. It was a lot of fun. Ayden loved every min. of it too. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car. But his teacher got a couple of pics. I can share.
 So this next pic., while yes it's cute... i mainly wanted to show you guys how fast Bree can change! This one was taken about 5 p.m. on the 24th
 This one was taken about 8 p.m. ... 3 hours later!
 Can you tell how dehydrated she had gotten so fast? About 6:30, we started getting kids ready for bed, Bree was on the toilet and all the sudden started throwing up (she ended up throwing up a total of 3 times that night)! Get her into her room, cleaning her up, and I noticed her feeding tube was leaking non stop!! I couldn't stop it!! She had a low grade temp again and I also noticed her nose was starting to run. I talked to her reg. GI specialist, we decided to get her seen through the ER at Primary's. Her white blood count had jumped significantly in just a day (She had her regular blood work the day before). They also did a nose swab that showed she has RSV and another respiratory virus!!
 So she spent 2 days in this time... coming home on the 26th.
 the night of the 25th, Ayden and I hung out at home while Jared went to spend time with Bree at the hospital. We were playing outside same time our back corner neighbors were... Ayden made new friends through the fence! lol
 Bree's first time with toe nails paint... the aid offered at the hospital and bree wanted to do it.
 Jared happy Bree's coming home. Isn't he handsome??
 So because of her viruses, Bree was not allowed out of her room. There was a boy about Bree's age across the hall who was under the same restrictions (not sure why but that's okay). The two stood in their door ways flirting for like 10 mins. lol It was adorable.

Ayden's teacher sent me these pics. of Ayden at school on the 27th.
 Me snuggling my princess who still isn't quite feeling good. This was yesteday.
Bree's doing better today. I'm hoping we're over the worse now... but we are still keeping her out of public as much as we can!!!

So there you have it... our Crazy Feb. some fun, some not so fun, and lots of snuggles going around at our house. Hope you all had a great Feb.


Jeni said...

Wow! What a month!!! Cray crazy. I hope she's on the upswing. We sure love you guys and are praying for you.

KinderTeach said...

She is lucky to have a wonderful mom like you taking care of her. It's amazing how fast she can crash and bounce back.
Love those kids of yours.

Camber said...

Crazy month, huh? I hope Bree can take a break from hospitals for a little bit! I love the picture of her toenails though--that's adorable!