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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oh December

December, honestly, just flew by for us. A lot of things that we did, I'm missing because I'm sure you all don't want to be reading all day. Anyway, Christina Marie came back!! 
I can't remember what we put up there, but we did something to surprise Ayden (Bree was still admitted in the hospital). He was totally excited all morning and couldn't wait to tell his sister all about it.
This was the day Bree got to come home (remember how she lost a total of 4 pounds in Nov.? If not feel free to go back and read that post. I'm too lazy to link it :oP ) At this point she had gained back about 2 pounds I believe. 
We had Breeann's school Christmas performance. Poor girl was sick that night, but still did great going up to perform with her class.
Jared and I got away for our annual "Forgotten Carol's" Date. They changed it up since we last went (which actually was in 2014, because 2015 we were busy coming home from Nebraska).
Christmas morning was FUN! Ayden insisted on separating the presents before we could open! lol Funny kid
The day after Christmas, we left for a week in Texas!! We did a Glen and Kris Payne family reunion!! It was such a blast!! With how big the family is, we don't all get together often. We were still missing Teancum, the baby of the family. He's on his mission!! Anyway, while we were there Jared and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!! We went to Medieval Times. It's a dinner show and so incredibly fun!!
And that about wraps up our December... so now I want to give a shout out to my hubby.
oh my, what a difference 10 years makes
Jared is all I could ask for a more. He does everything he can to spoil not only me, but the kids too. He works so hard at work, and then comes home to work hard at being an amazing husband and dad. He's always willing to help me with whatever, takes the kids off my hands as much as he can, and does so much. He is so amazing with the scouts in our ward. They all just love him too. He makes the program so much fun and makes it so the boys will want to come. We have definitely had our ups and downs these last 10 years, but there is definitely no one else I'd rather be riding this roller coaster with. He keeps me in check and makes me want to be a better person. He's without a doubt my best friend and confidant. I could say more but we'll leave it there. Happy anniversary (again), mi amor!!!


KinderTeach said...

You forgot to mention that your two favorite sisters stayed in your house and decorated it for you. I believe, there are even decorations you haven't found yet!!

Mel said...

and your third favorite sister wasnt there at all but was in spirit.