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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly update

Missionaries Family and Friends July 12, 2009

Ever since we have moved into the house we live in, we have had a constant nagging problem. It is something that has bothered us many times. I have even tried to solve the problem on my own several times. I even cut up several of the harassing items in misguided attempts to solve our dilemma, but nothing fixed the pain point. When people come over we have explained our quandary and all of the suggestions they have given use are worse solutions than the annoying one we have dealt with every day since we came into this house. As a matter of fact if you have come to our house you have probably had to deal with our little annoyances. About a week ago I was thinking and figured out how to solve our little conundrum, and finally I came up with a workable solution. I described my idea to my GOOD LOOKING WIFE and she looked me in the eyes and said, “ I did not understand a single word that came out of your mouth. Start over and make it simpler”. I then told her about the wonders of polyvinyl chloride. I told her about the ability to quickly form frames and other things that do not need large amounts of rigidity. Then my WONDERFUL WIFE looked in my eyes again and said”What does that have to do with anything?” I then took a long pause and grabbed a piece of paper and started to draw my idea. After making two crude artists impressions of my most impressive solution to my DROP DEAD GEORGIOUS WIFE she said “Now I get it but I do not want polyvinyl chloride in my kitchen”. I then quickly described some of the design features and explained about how the features would hide the polyvinyl chloride from sight. After describing the plan Devin agreed that it would solve our situation but insisted that to many green backs would be lost to the plan. I insisted the cost would be minimized and Monday for family home evening we build the item that would rectify our problem. Since Monday my SMOKING HOT WIFE has been happy to have a garbage frame, it is not technically a can, that fits between the refrigerator and the wall, and I am happy to have such a SPECTACULAR WIFE.

Tuesday I went up to scout camp with the 12 1nd 13 year old boys. I would like to say that I have spent the day doing really fun stuff with the boys but that is not true. I spent most of the day in the air conditioned lodge getting leadership training for the scouts. I would say this was captivating but mainly they talked about not molesting the boys. I would have thought that was a no brainer but I guess it is a hot topic with the boy scouts. The boys asked me for help putting together some of their crafts and I totally did it wrong. After a second attempt we eventually got it. That night they wanted the boys to be quiet and think about what it means to them to be scouts and then have lights out and be in bed by 10:00. I leaned over to the other leader and said, “I thought scouts was about staying up late and making lots of noise.” We went back to our camp and spent the night with the boys playing a game called “Ninja Destruction”. The game starts out with everyone yelling “NINJA DESTRUCTION!!!” and jumping into their ninja poses. Everyone takes turns making a single motion in an attempt to slap another person's hand. The person who is being slapped at gets to only move their hands to dodge the attack. This is actually more fun than it sounds and we had a good time yelling very loudly on the quite night “NINJA DESTRUCTION” to start each game. The scouts really had a good time and liked being together.

I normally like to make light of what happens in our lives but this week we had something serious happen and I can not make to many jokes about it. Saturday I got a phone call from my sister telling me that my dad had a heart attack and that he is in the hospital. For the next several hours we waited for the phone to ring with any detail about what happened. After a few hours my Dad called and said he was doing fine and that things are looking up from where he was earlier that day. Dad had gone to the temple in preparation for ward conference that day. The ward has a tradition of a temple day. Soon after he got to the temple he had his heart attack and was rushed to a near by hospital and received the necessary surgery very quickly. I am happy to say that I am grateful to have a father who honors his responsibility as a priesthood holder and serves in his callings faithfully. If Dad had been home instead of at the temple he would have been further away from a hospital. If Dad would have managed to get to a hospital from our house he either would have ended up at Weatherford Hospital which is a terrible hospital, or he would have had to travel to Forth Worth which is at least 45 minutes away. Either of those locations could have cost him much more than his current hospital stay. I am grateful to have the father that I do. He is who I look up to when I ask myself what does it mean to be a husband, father, and patriarch of my family. I can not think of a better person to look up to and I hope to be able to live up to the example that he has set for me. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you have done for the family over the years. We are happy to have Dad alive and well and hope all of you are alive and well, as well.

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Campbell Family said...

I think that Devin needs to work a bit on her ninja pose. This also looks like a great game that we should play this weekend with Taylor. Can't wait to see you guys!