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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New pictures!

So... we have quite a few pics. that we need to put on here. With a video or three. I'll give a brief description with each.

These next two pics and the video are of Jared getting "beat up" by his cousin's little girl and our neighbor girl.

These next couple of pics are recent pics. of our little garden. It's doing great. We've gotten some strawberries that are delicious! Cucumbers are starting to grow too.


Baby cucumber

my handsome husband with the garden

These next couple of pics and video are of Jared playing with our nieces. If sound isn't working for the video, Jared is going to try to play "Ninja destruction" with our 4 year old niece. It takes a little bit for them to get started with the game. Just be a little patient.

Jared with two of our nephews swimming at my grandfather's

Here is a 4 generation picture. This is my grandfather with his current wife (my grandmother passed away about 11 years ago now), father, sister, and her two sons

This last video I think is hilarious. My brother has taught his son how to do doggy tricks. By this I mean my nephew is balancing a treat on his nose. Watch the video and you'll see. I think it's funny. Sorry if the lighting is kind of bad.

Stay tuned for more excitement!!

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Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

What fun videos! Hope that all went wekk w/ Melissa and Justin! ;)