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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 years old... already?!?

On Sunday, we went over to my brothers and celebrated our niece's 6th birthday! I cannot believe that she's 6 already. Lately, I've been feeling old!! We had a yummy Mexican dinner, followed by opening her present from us, then we ate delicious cupcakes that our sister-in-law and niece made together (as well as the frosting). Our cute little niece frosted and put sprinkles on the cupcakes all by herself. So, her present from us was a hairbrush and different things to do her hair with (she loves hair stuff as long as Mom doesn't pick it out). She had fun sitting on Jared's shoulders and brushing his hair. In mid brushing Jared's hair, their neighbors came over to have cupcakes. We sang to our niece and had fun talking. Anyway~ here are some pictures from that fun night.

Our nephew being silly

Birthday girl winking at me

She got her hair stuff!

Gotta try the hair stuff out on Uncle Jared

The yummy cupcakes

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