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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our new adventure!

Late Friday night, our real estate agent, Brian, sent Jared a text message telling him that the bank accepted our offer!! The house is ours!! We're so excited. So, as promised, here is pictures of our humble abode! Oh! Just an FYI, this was on a website we found. We didn't take the pics, nor is that our furniture/decorations in the pictures. Now let's begin the tour!

First front view

A little closer to the front

When you walk in, this is a little small living room on your right

keep walking forward and this is our dining room

in our dining room, to the right is this view of the kitchen (side note: the door on the right leads to the garage)

another angle of the kitchen. The garage door is the door on the left

if you go down three or four stairs from our dining room, you'd come into our larger living room

another view of the large living room... another side note- there is a laundry room and a bedroom down here.

If you go up about 5-10 stairs (the stair that go down and the stairs that go up are right next to each other- next to the dining room) you'd come to ...
first bedroom

second bedroom

and master bedroom

there is also a master bathroom, second bathroom, and linen closet on this level. Now let's go outside!

If you turn to your right, here's our swing set

if you turn to your left... here's our shed!

Now, that ends our tour! For those that are interested... we're hoping to close on the week of Feb. 15. Big moving day would be Feb. 27!!


The Wendler Family said...

Congratulations!! Home ownership is quite the adventure! Your house looks so perfect for your little family! So happy for you guys!!

Maria said...

Yeah!! Congrats!

Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

That looks beautiful! How fun for you guys!!! Love the inside as well!