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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Once again... nothing new

Nothing so exciting going here. It's been a somewhat low key week. Our biggest excitement was car troubles. The engine light in our white car came on and the speedometer wasn't working! Some what long story short, an electric cable got ruined by rubbing up against something. You can ask Jared for more specifics :0) Cars aren't my thing. So after getting that taken care of, the car was making like a squeaky nose. The power steering tubing was rubbing against something now! lol Never ends. Luckily Jared caught it and fixed it. This problem is our mechanics fault and the tube will totally be replaced for free by him. So that's our big drama with the white car. Registration for both cars are due at the end of the month. I took them both in to get the necessary test and oil changes. Our green car failed one of the tests! It's muffler was going bad (once again, for more specifics talk to my husband). So we had to pay to get that fixed. I think we're done with car troubles though (*knock on wood*). Anyway~ other than that nothing to excited. Jared is still swamped at work. He probably will be for another two weeks or so. He's still loving the scouts. As for me, it's been nice not having to worry about school. I've been doing a little studying for my L.P.N. state board. I should be able to schedule a time to take it by Wed. or Thurs. Scouts for me has been... challenging. A lot of changes are being made (and hopefully soon) with my committee members. Until then, it's one day at a time with scouts, for me. That's about it for us. Hope every one is doing well and loving life!! We'd love to hear all of you are doing.

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Nola said...

I am glad you are getting some time to relax! Sorry to hear about all the car troubles. Hopefully that is the end of them for awhile!