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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Austin, Texas

So, I lied. I'm doing our vacation in three post, not two. I just had too pics of Texas :o) Anyway~ so we left Papa and Grandma's in Las Cruces, NM early Thurs., Feb. 23 and drove 10 hours to Austin, TX. We just chilled out that day, then Fri. is when the real fun began in Austin! We meet up with Mom, Dad, Teancum, Joseph, and Krystal to watch Joseph wrestle at state!!The pics aren't the greatest here because of my lack of photography skill. Plus, it seems like no matter what I did my camera wouldn't take light enough pics. so I ended up editing them a bit.

Joseph warming up for his first match!

Get 'em Joseph!

... still getting him! :o)
Joseph, in my opinion, did awesome and was a beast on the mat! He ended up only wrestling on Friday. So on Sat., before heading to Weatherford, we stopped to see the state capital.

Isn't it cool? I got more pics., but I think you'd all get bored. That was our Austin experience. LOVED!! it there. Jared may be able to talk me into moving there... in a year or two.

Like I mentioned, after Austin we went to Weatherford, TX... Jared's hometown. I did get pics. there, but they all have "Thor" so they're unpublishable for 5 more weeks.

Have a happy Tuesday! Love to all

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Aly said...

You blog! I had no idea! I am all over this :)