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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our big day

It's official!!! "Thor" can officially be know to the public!! His real name is now...

Ayden John Payne

We had an amazing day yesterday. I won't lie, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. Here are a couple of pictures from after the hearing

Ayden making his adoption official

Ayden with his amazing judge, Judge Bazzelle

Judge Bazzelle presenting Ayden with a cute stuffed animal

First pic. as a legal family!!!
We celebrated that evening with LOTS of friends coming over for snowcones. It was a long day, but couldn't be more perfect. If you want to see more pics, and an awesome video... be sure we're facebook friends :o) We will be taking Ayden to the temple in about 4 1/2 weeks. Until then, we're just going to relax and enjoy our time together. Huge thank you to all those who came to celebrate with us (at the court house and for snowcones). Also... yes, going to get sappy here. Words can't express how grateful for all the prayers in our behalf since starting out on our adoption journey. They have definitely been felt! We are just so blessed to have so many family and friends who love us and have helped both physically, emotionally, and spiritually through all this. Love you all!!!


Emily and Dan Adopt said...

Just seeing the big family picture makes me want to cry. Yesterday was amazing! You guys are such an awesome family.

Que and Brittany are Hoping to Adopt! said...

I'm so excited for you guys, congratulations! And just remember that people who don't understand open adoption are the ones who question it. They will come around!

Annie said...

congrats! your little guy is adorable. i'm glad we will be able to see more pics of him now:)

Jeni said...

Sooooooo exciting!!!! I wish so badly that we could have been there. Kiss my nephew for me would you? So thrilled for you guys!!!