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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our long day

Yesterday ended up being a very long day for us! Which proves, I should never assume a day is going to be low key. Anyway~ it started out by taking Ayden to a check-up at his reg. dr. His dr. wants to see him like every 6 weeks to keep tabs on Ayden's weight gain... or should I say lack there of. Despite Ayden now eating like a champ! In 6 weeks, he only put on 4 oz and did not grow any length wise. :( So he referred us to an endocrinologist (a dr. that specializes in hormones... the kind of dr. i had to see growing up because of my turner syndrome).

 Ayden still has fluid in his ears too. Not enough to call infection or for him to do about, but it's been going on long enough (about 8 months) that he wanted us to see a ENT (ears, nose, throat specialist) too! Yes, I was discouraged.

So when I got home I called the GI dr. (aka feeding specialist) to report his lack of weight gain, called an ENT, and called an endo. We ended up seeing the ENT yesterday. Without any hesitant she told us she wanted to put tubes in Ayden's ear

sorry, maybe kind of graphic, but i like pics to visual things

In all actuality I'm kind of relieved. The poor boy has had more antibiotics than a 13 month old should. Also, I wonder if that's kind of the reason why he's not walking quite yet. He's having trouble with equilibrium. Anyway~ so we scheduled the surgery and it'll be good! It's a low key, outpatient surgery that Ayden should recover from in about a day.

Anyway~ that's the latest and greatest going on in the Payne household. I will keep ya posted once we see the endo, GI, and things progress. Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers! Love to all!!


cindy baldwin said...

Ugh, what a day! Sorry to hear that you have yet more stuff to deal with. Good luck with the tube surgery! A lot of my friends growing up had tubes in their ears - Mahon actually did too.

Jeni said...

Rough day!! So sorry. I hope that the tubes help him though!! Love you guys!!

La Pelirroja Loca said...

Macey had tubes in her ears at about 8 months old. She kept getting ear infections and having fluid behind her ears too. It has been the best thing! We haven't had to go to the doctor's office nearly as much and she started talking so much more after that. I'm sure Ayden will do great!

-Special Mothertivity- said...

Miles is getting his second set of ear tubes two days before Thanksgiving. He has had one set that has lasted for almost two full years. Ear tubes completely changed his life as he literally could not hear before he had them placed. The ear tubes for Ayden will be great.

As for the other visits, I'm sorry. It sounds overwhelming! But you are a wonderful mother. Take heart that you are doing all you can and that things will work out.