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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update time

I figured it has been a while since I put a official update on what we're all doing, so why not? To sum up, nothing much lol

We haven't been up to nothing much at all. Just same ol', same ol of work, being parents, and going day to day. We were able to escape for the night one of the times Bree was inpatient at the hospital. My best friend took Ayden and I kind of surprised Jared with a hotel room. I say kind of because... so we took Ayden out to dinner with us, then on our way to drop him off we started talking about what we wanted to do. Jared said something about how he really wishes he could leave Ayden for the night and get a room. I say he cheated. lol But we did have a blast. Thank you so much again, Heather.
Ayden is my character lol. Still way tiny, but so much energy. He has recently taken to the potty. I wouldn't say he's potty training yet, but he may get there sooner then I thought. He now tells us "uck" pretty close to everytime he's poopy. He likes to sit on the toilet, but limited success. He's gone pee once and poo once in it. His talking/vocabulary has definitely picked up since Sept. (thank you Mel and Landon!). I still didn't feel quite right about were he was, had him evaluated by early intervention. He was delayed, but not enough to qualify for services. We did find out though... both of his ear tubes has stuff building up in it, he failed his left ear hearing test, and his left ear drum has something going on with it. We see the ENT this week to see what she tells us. Oh! He is cutting his two year old molars. I can't wait until they've cut! Last ones he has to get until his adult teeth. Other then that, he's still energetic and keeps me cleaning up messes lol. He LOVE LOVES LOVES mickey mouse right now. Ayden's a joy to have around.
Now onto little Bree... she's caught up to her brother weight wise. He's still taller, but they weigh the exact same now. We went almost a month with no hospital stay. I think we're on the right track to keeping us out longer now... as long as she doesn't catch a cold or something. We have started kind of isolating her a bit for the winter. Hopefully it works. During that month she was home, we made great progress with increasing how much she takes through her feeding tube. She's giving us a run for our money again right now, so we'll see what happens. In some ways, this girl requires a lot more patience with her eating then Ayden did! Anyway~ She's staying right now track developmentally. She now moves EVERYWHERE! there's times all i can do is just follow her with her backpack of IV and feeding tube stuff. She crawls up and downstairs (and knows how to turn around at the top), pulls to stand using like any object/surface, and cruises along furniture like it's nothing. We're working on walking one handed a lot right now. She can do it but she's scared. Which I would be too if I had a bunch of stuff dragging me down/ following me. So we're working on getting her comfortable with it and we'll move on to the next thing. I think, and hope, she'll be a full time walker by Christmas... that is, as long as we can keep her home long enough.

Think that's about it for us! Hope this finds everyone well and everyone is having a great holiday season. Love to all!

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