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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ayden's 4th birthday

Ayden John... what can I say, but he keeps me on my toes! lol

He woke up VERY upset that he wasn't "4"... so Dad helped him out.
 He got to open a present ... lunch box... so we could have a picnic lunch.
 This kid actually had 2 parties! lol This one is with the Payne's on Ayden's actual birthday. It was a joint with our nephew.
 The day after his birthday, Ayden and I went on a quick trip to Las Vegas ... where we had a joint party for Ayden and our other nephew!!

Ayden had a blast and really got birthdays this year. It made things really fun! He kept saying for a couple of months what he'd want for his birthday. He got spoiled and was happy with how it turned out.

Now mushy about Ayden: I love this boy so incredibly much! He has taught me so much about having to have patience... not that I have it yet, but I'm getting there! lol Ayden just loves life, loves people, and loves! He's not very affectionate... it's like pulling teeth getting kisses from him... but he does have a real love for people, especially his family. He gets really concerned when Bree's inpatient, Dad's workin late, or Mom's having that rare night away. He's getting to have quite the imagination. He'll dress up in a super hero costume and be quite upset if we don't refer to him as captain america, or which ever one he's dressed as. He loves learning too... Constantly asking questions about how things work, what is that, and what happens with this. I just love this boy and his tender, adventurous spirit. Ayden, we love you and so so glad you are our forever boy!!!! happiest of birthdays to, my son!!

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