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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Breeann's 3rd birthday

Excuse me while I go be in denial about my baby being 3! I know it shouldn't probably seem that big of a deal, BUT IT IS!!! For Breeann, a little girl who wasn't suppose to make it out of the NICU, to now be 3 is huge. She's such an angel... but we'll get to that in a bit.

For her birthday, she asked for elmo brownies... and Jared delivered! 
 We just had a little, low key celebration with a couple friends. She actually wasn't feelin 100%, so we felt like we needed to keep it low key.
 We got to see Momma Alyssa!!!!
 More presents! I'm tellin you, this girl was spoiled.
Now, for the mushy: Like I said, Breeann really is our angel. Granted, girl's got sass and is so dang stubborn!!! But deep down I know that's what has kept her here with us. She has got to be one of THE strongest fighters I know. She is growing into such a little lady to. She loves her hair bows. She is so smart and independent. She will just go play by herself for a while. She and I butt heads quite a bit (hey, I never said I wasn't stubborn too :oP ) BUT I love this little girl so dang much. I want to savor every min. we have with her... because, let's be honest here, who knows how much time we have left. I want to just snuggle her and kiss her all the time. I have no doubt she was sent her to teach me, and others, more then she needs to learn... if that makes sense. Breeann, we love you so much baby girl!!! So dang grateful and blessed to have you as ours!!! Happiest of birthdays angel!!!

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