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Friday, January 1, 2016

December 2015

December, overall, was a lot more fun!! Only thing that was missing was Jared... for the first half. He had to go back to UT for work, while the kids and I stayed in Omaha, NE. My amazing, beautiful mom came and stayed a week with us in Omaha to help with the kids.
We had a lot of fun doing play-doh, coloring, museum, and a bunch of other stuff with her. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated her being there and how much she did.

A couple days after my mom left, Jared's mom, our sister in law, and nieces came to play with us a week, week and a half.
We had a lot of fun doing manicures, swimming, a few things at the hospital, and just playing around at the house. It was a blast having them. I am so incredibly grateful they came out. They did so much to help too. It was so much appreciated.

On Dec. 15, so 4 weeks after getting there/surgery, we got the clearance to go back to UT! We left Omaha on Dec. 17, got to UT on the 18th. Even Buddy was tired of the car
We had an awesome time putting together a ginger bread house that a sweet friend sent us.
I am total wimp for the snow, but my family sure enjoys it! This one is Ayden going sledding by himself
This is Jared and Bree sledding
Christmas Eve, Day we got a lot of snow. Jared was a hero and made a snowman with/for Ayden.
We spent time with Jared's side Christmas Eve and Day. This was Christmas Day, cousins playing in the snow. Ayden had just fallen of the sled he was riding with his cousin.
Dec. 28 was mine and Jared's 9th wedding anniversary. How he has stuck with me that long, I don't know, but sure glad he has. Anyway~ we got my sis. to baby-sit while we went to lunch, spent the afternoon just being together, and we also went out to dinner. She took this pic of my cute kids
We had a couple days of my niece coming to play with us. She dressed Tayla and me up.
Awesome, right? lol

As you can tell, we definitely had a much better, relaxing, more fun December. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!!! 

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KinderTeach said...

Ayden loved building the snowman. He kept telling me what was used for the facial features, kept asking me if I saw it, and kept telling me how fun it was.
You and Jared have been through a lot in your married years, and no doubt more is coming. You are good for each other