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Friday, January 1, 2016

November, you will not be missed

November was a long, hard month for us. Going to need to refresh your memories on stuff before I can get into Nov...

Back in June, we found out that Breeann had some dilated intestines. This dilation made it so she could not absorb or move her formula/food very easily at all. Here's where I first, publicly, told about the dilation. Anyway, so then end of Aug., Bree and I made a trip out to Omaha, NE to see what her team would be able to do to help her dilation. OH MY! I just realized I never blogged about what happened out there!! Just mentioned it in another post. SO, summary of that trip was... her drs. were not able to say what they could do. They couldn't do all the testing they needed/wanted because during one of the test, they found Bree had some pneumoatosis... air pockets in her intestinal lining. We ended up being in NE for a week and a half because of it. It was a miserable trip! Anyway, after that trip, we didn't hear any from NE until first week of Oct. Bree's dr. here in UT emailed us saying NE agreed to do another STEP procedure on her. Here's a YouTube video for those of you, like me, who think that stuff cool! Breeann has had this surgery 3 times already... once before we got her. I want to say she was about a month old from what I was told (Oct. 2012). Her second one was when she was 6 months old (March 2013) and she was still in the foster care system. Her third one was right after we finalized her adoption, July 2013. Okay, I think that's enough of refresh... on to Nov. :oP

Nov. was busy preparing and getting out to NE for Bree's surgery. We arrived in Omaha on Nov. 16. Gave us a day to settle in and do a day of appointments. We knew after surgery, we wouldn't be able to "play" for a bit, so we went to the Mormon Trail Center
 And the Kainesville Tabernacle, but I didn't get pics there apparently.

Nov. 18 was the day of surgery
She didn't fully wake up until the next morning. She was miserable and out of it! She didn't feel good at all for a few days, but in no time was back to her spunky, cute self
She was only inpatient for a week... got out the day for Thanksgiving!! Luckily, just in time to be able to have fun with Dad and decorate for Christmas before Jared had to go back to UT. 
 This was, I believe, her first time eating after surgery... all she now will eat is yogurt.
 This year, we had a very special visitor join us!!! Her name is Christina Marie :) Thanks so much Aunt Jeni!!!
That really does sum up our Nov. Not a totally fun one, but ended up good :o)

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KinderTeach said...

Your November might not have been what you planned but there were so many blessings that happened to your family in the 6ish weeks you were there. Brees body handled things great, plus you had your dogs