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Monday, August 3, 2009

summery of our week

Monday morning was fun. I woke up and thought about going on a run in the cool part of the day in Las Vegas. I went out to the front room and saw the weather report for the day. It was already 92 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. I thought about going on that run for about 5 more seconds before the weather helped convince my lazy side to speak up louder. That is saying something. The lazy side normally is to wrapped up in doing nothing to even speak up but it was pretty noisy that morning. I spent most of the rest of the morning protecting my ears from being eaten by Noah and Taylor. We ran in more circles than I care to count. And I think I lost more ears than the two that I had on my head that morning. After a while we went for a swim at Grandpa Zobrist's house. It was lots of fun going down the slide, doing tricks on the diving board, and playing pool basketball. Taylor beat me 10 points to my 2 points. While the boys were playing like I had to go on a long boring car ride in a few hours, Devin spent her time in the hot tub soaking up the sun and relaxing. After a delectable lunch Devin and I hopped in the car and said good bye to our little vacation.

I would like to say something like: “Devin and I have a rule about what we listen to when we are on long car trips. The driver gets to pick. Since I was driving for a few hours I put on pod casts of 'Science Friday'. Devin got excited listening about how nursing will play a key role in lowering the cost of health care under the plans being discussed. She then listened to a section about eating healthy foods and how the food industry has given us bad food at every corner and how hard it is to eat healthy food. I think that after this trip Devin has finally started to understand how cool 'Science Friday' really is.” That is what I would like to say. The reality is that as soon as Ira started talking about health care Devin's eyes shut and did not open for several hours. After Devin woke up I helped her study for a test this last week. After that I just got to hold Devin's hand and talk about nothing important. I really enjoyed the trip and I particularly liked being with Devin. She is really fun to hang out with.

Saturday our new neighbors moved in. I saw them unloading their cars and took the time to walk across the parking lot and graciously offered my assistance to help unload the moving truck. Steve and Stacy callously rejected my offer saying that they where not doing any more at the time and that someone else was coming over to help in a while. I see my help is not as good as some other person's help. I went home and sulked for some time. Lucky for me I had a simple distraction. Devin was working and I had planned to make lunch and go and eat lunch with her. I started to make a delectable entree when our new jerky neighbors came over and asked for help. I had offered to see what I could do when the time came but they picked the most inconvenient time. Devin was at the hospital and starving! I could not let that happen so I finished cooking the afternoon meal and went to the hospital and devoured the most delicious sustenance. By the time I got home I tried again to offer my time and labor to help them get settled into their new home. They rudely said that if I really wanted to help I should ask when work needed to be done. Again I went home and sulked in my own self pity. Our neighbors really were nice and had lots of help moving into their place. Someone else who helped said it only took 20-30 minutes with the help they had. We also had them over for dinner tonight and had a good time talking about things like nuclear war and Keith Urban. I liked the part about nuclear war and Devin liked the part about Keith Urban.

I would like to apologize to any one who gets our letter through the mail. Last week we were out of town and when we got back into town we forgot to print it up and send it to you. We have sent last weeks letter with this week and hope you did not feel too left out. If you do feel left out tough tough coco puff. Deal with it. We love you and hope that you have an opportunity to enjoy life as it is, at least till next week

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I don't feel left out. =) and i dont get any mail. lol