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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our week...

Tuesday was an interesting day for me. I went to work at 4:00 A.M. Tuesday is the only afternoon I have time to be with Devin and play. I mean who would not want to be with Devin. She is the most wonderful engaging person on the whole planet. I got into work expecting to be off after our team lunch. I got to work and the meeting with my boss's boss was changed. Something happened and the guy would not be in until the after noon. To my despair the meeting was moved to 4:00 P.M. I was not very happy with this change. I ended up going home around 7:30 for a couple of reasons. First there was not much point in being at work for 13 hours and the second is that we had our annual home inspection for foster care. I had originally planned on skipping this. After we passed the home inspection Devin and I went on a walk and did some grocery shopping. By far this was the best part of my day. I spent lots of time just holding Devin's hand and talking. That is what we had planned for the afternoon any way and I still wanted to do it with Devin. I went back to work and we had a team lunch. As we where walking into the restaurant Doug told me my pants had a hole in them. I reached back to my bum and found a hole in the right rear pocket. I thought, “Whatever. Nothing is showing.” I quickly quipped back that the company paid him well enough to get stuff like fancy cars while my paycheck allowed me to purchase cloths with holes. As we were walking into work after lunch I reached back to my right rear pocket and noticed three things. One my wallet was missing. Two my pocket still had a hole. Three there was a hole next to the pocket and my underwear was showing. I then had several things to do. I rushed around town to pick up my wallet and went home to change pants. My boss would not be happy with me mooning her boss. After such a long day I was ready to be at home and be embarrassed about the things that happened at work. I am not sure but I think the thing that triggered it was going to work at 4:00 A.M. From there noting good can happen. I will remember that this Tuesday.

Wednesday was a more normal work day, except I got off work early to go with Devin to the doctor's office. Last week she went into the doctor about a mole that had been bugging her for the past several months. It was not a big mole but every time I rubbed her back I would accidentally touch it and she would winced. The doctor thought it looked alright and just scrapped of the top and sent it in for analysis. The results came back as abnormal and we where heading back to get the rest of it out. Devin said she wished I was having the mole removed because she wanted to see how it was done. Devin then asked “If I am a good girl for the doctor can we go out and get Jamba Juice?” I replied “Only if the doctor says you are good”. Devin agreed and we went into the office. I got to be in the room and observe the process. Of the removal the doctor did what is called a punch removal. First they got a needle and injected some “don't hurt Devin” medicine around the mole. This caused the area around the mole to rise up and make a bump. The doctor then took a tool with a circular blade on it and punched down around the mole. You can think of the tool similar to a paper hole puncher. The doctor then lifted up on the mole and cut the bottom off with some scissors. This left a perfectly round hole in Devin's back. The doctor put in 3 stitches and we were on our way out the door. The doctor did not say anything about how Devin behaved so we went straight home. Jut kidding! We went to Jamba Juice and Devin got her peanut butter moo'd smoothie. Devin is happy that in about a week she will be able to get her back scratched without thinking “Please do not hit that mole.”

Saturday I had an interesting experience preparing for my sister in-law's birthday party. I was put in charge of making the cake and frosting. Michelle wanted white cake with white frosting. I thought this would be a simple process. Little did I know frosting was so hard to make. I started making the frosting and read the ingredients but I did not read the instructions, particularly the part about “do not add all the water”. So I doubled the recipe and the frosting just would not turn out. So I threw away that batch of frosting and started over. This time I followed all the instructions and the frosting turned out fluffy. I tasted it and thought “it needs cream cheese”. This caused the whole concoction to turn into a goopie runnie mess. I tried to fix this batch but after it became apparent that I was not going to be able to fix it I threw the second batch of frosting away. The third time I decided to just give up on the frosting recipe and made a cream cheese frosting, which happens to be white, and called it quits. Devin got home from work and we headed over to my uncle Toby's house for swimming , hot tubing, and cake. It really was fun to hang out and play for the evening. After we got home Devin and I got ready for bed and I fell asleep before Devin finished reading her scriptures. It was a fun day. We hope you have an exciting week with what ever you are doing.

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