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Monday, September 7, 2009

Our weekly update

What at fun weekend we just had. The week was not very much fun it consisted of going to the doctor because of excruciating pain, not to be confused with Payne, because I have a kidney stone. Friday night Jason and Michelle came over. Jason and I did lots of boring things like cut 2X4's into blocks and drilling holes in the blocks. I got to purchase a new saw and drill bit, Jason got to raise his bed 2 inches higher, and the girls seemed to have a good time talking at the kitchen table while Jason and I ran in and out of the house up and down the stairs testing the blocks on my bed. It really was fun for me.

Saturday Devin had to work so I waited for Jason and Michelle to show up. We had lots of fun without my SPECTACULAR WIFE!!!! We went up to Brigham City and played with my sister Jeni and her family for the day. We went to the park, watched Weird Al music videos, and whatever you do to have a good time. When we left we took Jessi and Brian with us. When we got home there was much playing and we had a pizza party for dinner. After a long day we put the kids to bed and quickly followed them in that endeavorer. As Devin and I were having couple prayer, Brian came into the room and said “I want to go home”. I felt bad for him and lifted him on the bed and told him to wait until we were done praying. He happily complied. After prayers her repeated in a sad voice “I want to go home”. I looked him in the eye and said in a happy voice “Your Mom is going to be here Monday. You will be alright. Will you go to bed?” He smiled and then jumped off the my bed and headed to his bed. I was actually surprised that, that explanation worked. After a while Brian was still up. I think it had to do with waking him up at 6:30 after a 3 hour nap. We put on the movie “Cars” Devin and I fell asleep and after the movie Brian promptly told us it was over. I turned the movie off, told him to get 3 books, and go to bed. I do not know when he fell asleep but it was after me.

Sunday was an eventful day. I started off the day with my usual meetings. The first councilor asked for me to stay a little after the meeting and we talked. It looks like Devin will get released from her current 2 callings and get 2 more callings in the next few weeks. After telling me this he asked if he could come over and talk to Devin. I told him yes and promptly went home and told Devin he was coming over and that I knew what he was going to say. I then made her wait for about 1 thousand 8 hundred seconds before Bro. Anderson came over and explained what would be happening in the next month. Devin is very excited about the plan and is happy to have many of the stresses from church service lightened. You will get to learn about the changes as they happen over the next few weeks. On most Sundays I notice that many of the people in this area tend to carry around BYU notebooks, brief cases, pens, and other similar items. The day before I noticed that little Brian was wearing a Utah jersey. I quickly acquired permission from Brian's parent, notice parent not parents, to send him to church with the jersey. Brian went to church with his bright red shirt. I was hoping to get more comments but I did not get many. And none from BYU fans. That night we had the foster girl we watch stay the night and most of Monday with us. The kids had fun outside. They took chalk and wrote on our wall. The adults had fun as well. We went outside and very high up on the wall in big letters was the name “JASON” in little letters next to it was written Jesi wrote this. I think Jesi was very creative in her ability to scale a wall at that height and write someone else's name. The kids had a good time and we all were happy to have had so much fun.

Monday was more of the same. Devin and I woke up, made breakfast, and played until Michelle showed up. Jason claimed he needed to do homework. Soon after Jeni showed up. Along with our neighbor Maddi. Our house was a real party place. The kids colored, painted with water colors, played tag, hide and go seek, played outside, blew bubbles, kicked balls. You name it the kids were having fun doing it. We eventually went to the park, where Jason met up with us, and played pirates and mermaids. Jason, Brian and I were mean mermaid hunting pirates. We would catch the mermaids and force them to grant us wished. Jason and I wished for our fair maiden to come over and give us a kiss. Michelle once came on to the pirate ship and instead of giving Jason a kiss, she gave little Brian a kiss. This irritated Jason who then went after what he thought was his booty. After the park Jeni and her kids went home and so did our foster girl. Everyone just had so much fun we all wanted to crash. Devin was so tired, she even watched 2 episodes of Stargate with Jason, Michelle and me. Devin and I are Sunburned and happy to have had such a fun labor day. We wish you all the best and hope you have an eventful week.

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